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Pope Francis tells Benedict: "We're brothers"


  • Even though the two popes have different styles of professing the faith, I am pleasantly surprised that Pope Francis believes that the ex-pope is his brother. Although Pope Benedict is not remembered for his contributions to the Church, I believe that Pope Francis could redeem the Church. When the whole world is watching the Church's actions, the pressure could overwhelm a pope's ability to lead the Church. Pope Francis counters this with the forgiving love of God, and continues to spread the Word of God to this day.
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    I think it's Pope Francis' way of telling Pope Benedict that they are equal. Even though Pope Benedict has resigned as Pope, and Pope Francis is the new Pope, he wants him to understand that there should be no difference with regards to how they should treat each other. I really admire Pope Francis for being humble and fair. He is a man who do just acts and practices them in every way. Very simple and very humble. How I wish all soon to be Popes will be like him.
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    It's good to see that we didn't leave Pope Benedict out to dry. Pope Benedict did the right thing by resigning. As such, he shouldn't be treated any differently because of his position. Another great gesture by Pope Francis.
  • A great gesture on the part of Pope Francis. This goes to show that Pope Francis respects the former Pope despite them having very different views on different issues of the church and their way of handling things are very much different. A truly great and kind pope that can really bridge and bring people together. We know for sure, that we have a great pope in our midst and a great leader at that.
  • I also think this shows a great deal of respect by Pope Francis.  Again he proves that he wants to show unity in the church.  He is someone who is humble and the fact that he want Benedict to know that in his eyes they are equals proves this once more.  He knows that Benedict had to position before him and is showing him the respect that Francis feels he deserves because of that reason.  Yes, the two men have different ways of wanting to lead the church but there is no reason they can't get along none the less.
  • Pope Benedict contributed to the Catholic Church by leading it for sometime. That was a positive contribution. We should pray for him so that he can realise where he went wrong. Yes he is a good brother.
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