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Do you believe yoga is an acceptable practice for Christians?

I know of many Christian churches that offer yoga as an exercise class.  However I have yet to see a Catholic church that offers it - have you?

I read that yoga is basically an exercise in Hinduism, all the poses are directly related to worshipping various Gods or attempting to open yourself to them. 

What are your thoughts?


  • Posts: 40
    Well, you could not become a Hindu even if you wanted too because Hinduism, as far as I know, is a religion that accepts no converts so there is that.

    The modern Yoga that's practiced on western societies has little to do with its Hindu roots and it is more about doing a couple of poses to stretch your body and it feels quite good honestly. It is more about a fitness workout than anything else.

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    I am not a yoga practitioner but based on what I know, yoga is a discipline for the mind. Concentration is the objective of yogis. But it is not purely concentration for yoga is all about meditation. And to think that meditation is very similar to praying or talking to God then I don't think it is against Christian teaching. In fact there are Catholic priests who are encouraging yoga to enhance the quality of praying.
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    I agree with Corzhens. I see Yoga more of an exercise, I don't relate it too much to religion or Hinduism for that matter. That's just my opinion. :)

    @fcuco Ohh I didn't know that Hinduism does not accept converts. That is certainly new information for me. A very strict religion indeed...
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