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Easter Dinner

What do you all eat for Easter dinner? Do you have a traditional meal that you prepare or always eat? 

I am trying to start a tradition with a certain meal for my family, but I don't have many ideas. I don't know why but we never ate much of a celebratory Easter dinner. We usually had a brunch with lunch meats, salads, and pastries. 


  • We always just eat dinner as a family. Just a while ago, we celebrated Easter Sunday and we bought roasted chicken from the store and ate that. It's such a simple celebration but it's enjoyable because we did it as a family. Aside from the fasting and the other celebrations we did during the Holy Week, the last day, Sunday, is very much important because it is the day we celebrate Jesus's resurrection from death. And celebrating it completely as a family is one way of giving tribute to Jesus and God.
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    We always have some form of fish, usually cod, prepared with this mediteranean recipe that my grandmother brought from Europe. This is the only time of the year that we prepare that so as to make this dinner super extra special only having some other fish if we can't find quality cod.

    We take this celebration seriously and try to have a nice family reunion each year. But, most importantly, is not the food that's important, is a family getting toghether renovating or faith.

  • Easter is not on the same day in my religion but it is the same holiday. I am an Orthodox Christian. Anyway, we usually have a normal dinner but we have a lot of eggs because of the traditional egg tapping. It is very symbolic and we have some nice bread, cookies, and we drink wine.
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    Since Catholics came from Holy Week which is a week of fasting, Easter food is usually the special kare-kare which is a beef dish cooked with peanut butter and ground rice. It has vegetables for garnishings like heart of banana, string beans and other greens. And to make it more sumptuous, the side dish is fried crispy pork belly. Kare-kare is usually found in houses in Metro Manila for Easter lunch.
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