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Pope urges dialogue with Islam, more help for the poor

Pope urges dialogue with Islam, more help for the poor: http://news.yahoo.com/pope-urges-dialogue-islam-says-world-must-more-103919637.html

Go Pope Francis!!!

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  • I'm really glad that Pope Francis is teaching the true Christian teachings that came directly from the mouth of Christ. Pope Francis not only teaches Christian morals orally, but physically as well. Did you know that every night Pope Francis sneaks out of the Vatican to sleep with the poor? Now that is real dedication to Christianity! He is not a glamorous pope, and he does not care for his luxuries while in the Vatican. Pope Francis may be the best pope, next to John Paul ll. 
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    I'd really like to see poverty end somewhere in my life time span, but I pretty much believe that's going to be impossible. I firmly believe Pope's doing only big efforts in his talks of different world issues and actually tries to solve them in background, but... one person can't do much unfortunately.
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    I am not sure that conversing with Islam will ever achieve anything. So many followers of the religion have become radicalized and have been taught to hate Christians, Europeans, and Westerners that I don't believe truly open lines of communication will ever be met. There is a word, it escapes me at the moment, but it basically means that it is okay for Muslims to lie to non-Muslims to further the goals of Islam. I believe that is all that will be happening when Pope Francis has dialogue with Muslim clerics.
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    Much as the pope's view may not be supported by many others, it is in good thought that he has come up with it. At times the only way of touching those of different beliefs from ours is to show them we are open to dialogue. I support his view. 
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    I think that would be Pope Francis' legacy. Equality and reaching out to the poor people not just with words but through acts. I must say that not all people especially in his position can do those things. That's why people look up to him. He is an epitome of Christ. Someone who doesn't judge people by race or religion. And someone who reaches out to the poor. 
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    What Pope Francis is teaching us is all about acceptance, openness and respect towards all religions primarily Islam which is close to our own Christian teachings as well. We shouldn't be tolerant of Muslims-- we should love and respect them unconditionally as brothers and sisters of the same umbrella religion. Pope Francis is really challenging us to go out of ourselves and see through the eyes of our neighbors.
  • Christians and Muslims should accept each other. Our roots are the same, we are "People of the Book." Our stories are intertwined. We have heroes of the past, some are even related to each other. We both stand for everything that is good and punishment for those who are evil. Pope Francis like his predecessors before him  continues to bridge the gap and spread the good word.
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    Dialogue and diplomacy are better than silence and resentment. The only way people get past issues is to talk through them and find common ground.
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    The problem is Muslims have not a leader who they all revere.

    Had they like Christians, had someone like the Pope who is recognized as the representative dialog with Muslims would probably bear some fruits. But currently with the different factions if Islam [Shias, Sunnis, Sunni splinter groups] all fighting for supremacy will they listen to reason?
  • Muslim or Christians, we are all same. We attend to same school and hospitals. We should love one another so that we can make better working conditions. We should not show the difference whenever we are playing or studying. I know such talks can yield fruits in making this world a better place.
  • This is a very good move and I am talking about the plans of the Pope to talk to the representatives of Islam or the Muslim faith to discuss some issues and come to an understanding in the process. It will really leave a lasting impacts as this will bring peace and better understanding with our Muslim brothers and sisters because they are after all the same as us, human beings although they might have different beliefs but still, we are God's children.
  • I think this can really impact the relationship of Catholics and Muslims. It is nice to know that Pope Francis is making efforts to dialogue with them. Sometimes, the only way to fix a relationship is to talk with each other and clear all misunderstandings. I hope the Pope can help shed some light in the issues they have.
  • I think this is a step to understanding our muslim brothers and sisters and should bring peace to many countries where Christians and Muslims are all misunderstood. This is a big step towards achieving peace and oneness around the world without conflicts and struggles brought about by our misunderstandings and distrust.
  • I think more help for the poor is much needed. Today, our world is torn apart by war, poverty, and injustice, and steps need to be taken to address those issues. I'm hoping that Pope Francis's actions and words will have the effect of waking some up to these issues, and inspiring them to not only give financially, but to actually get out in the trenches, and learn the truth for themselves, rather than simply hearing about it on the news or television commercials. 
  • I'm so glad Pope Francis is doing things like this. There are so many people out there that have so little, while there are little that have so much. Seriously sometimes people just need a chance. A chance to receive the tools that will help them better themselves, lead better lives, see that all is not bad in this world, and that there are people that still care. I really like that he has reached out to Muslims. It sends a message of love, respect, acceptance and unity. It shows us to lead by example, to treat people with respect even if they are different than us.

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    Now that there are thousands of migrants from war torn Syria and Iraq, Muslims are going to live peacefully together with christian s. That is what we will expect if we one day travel to the Arab countries. There is no need of hating each other because we worship the same God. We must love one another as that is what God expects from us.
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    Pardon me for this negative comment about Muslims. There is a term called Unchristian to mean an act that is violent and unjustified. That word is not applicable to Muslims because they have the so called jihad which permits them to kill in the name of their religion. But nevertheless, that dialogue is a trying hard effort and it may somehow bring goodwill between Christians and Muslims alike. I just hope that Mulims would listen to their leaders like what Catholics do to the Pope.
  • I think the Muslims deserve our respect too because despite their differences with our faith, they are still our brothers and are humans just like you and me. So, I think a dialogue will really help with our dealings with Muslims and to come to terms with peace among countries that are engulfed in war because we do not understand our differences. So I am for the realization to this and may we have some positive results because of these talks with them and their leaders.
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