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Love They Neighbor

We are fortunate to have good neighbors. There are only 7 houses in our street and the residents are not much for socializing. However, we meet on occasions particularly during Christmas. I give gifts to all our neighbors even if some of them do not reciprocate my generosity. My husband would sometimes say that I should give only to those who give back. But for me, I'd say that loving your neighbor includes accepting their traits like if they are selfish. In the essence of loving they neighbor, I can see that they are all friendly to me.


  • I tend to agree with you on the point that even if they do not reciprocate you should still act in a way driven by love. It's a concept many may find difficult to practice because the world has become more cold and heartless.Love does not require getting something in return, for it to have momentum and cause good, but your love resource can be drained if you stop long enough to consider the negatives that come your way after you give so positively, so often. I don't love all my my neighbors and I don't give all of them gifts. I don't hate them either and if they should ever be in difficulty where I can assist, I will be the first one there.
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    I think I used to be similar to you @Corzhens, and I always used to give gifts to many different people in life. Not one of them ever gave me a gift back. I too felt that they were selfish. The last straw came when I had a child, and I could clearly see who was important or not in my life, by if they acknowledged my child with a gift. 

    But then turn the tables, and I became absorbed with my new life as a parent, and no longer was I so outward looking and thinking considerately of others, because I was only thinking of my new family.  I stopped giving others gifts just because I was too absorbed with my new life.

    Now I have moved and new people give me gifts, and I am at a loss as how to reciprocate. I do not know these people well and wish they would not give me gifts, because I am not sure what they want in return. It makes me realize when I gave others gifts, it may have been viewed the same way, like as if I wanted something from them, and perhaps they wished I had not given them anything at all. 

    So now I really don't give others gifts as much, and to people I don't know too well, I now give gifts anonymously at their door, just because I want to give them something but I don't want any feelings or strings attached.
  • Hmmm...our neighbours are not all nice and kind. Some are, but most of them like to gossip and spread rumours about other neighbours. So as much as possible, we try to avoid these people because we might end up being a victim or even fighting with them. Of course, when they talk to us, we must respond even though we would really like not to.

    As with all the other neighbours, they are quite nice. They typically give us food during birthdays or special occasions. We like to give them back the favours as well. And it's nice to talk with them because we talk about simple things and not gossips. 

    My son loves playing with the kids around our street. And I let him play with them. For the most part, they're good kids.
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