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Block Rosary

We have in our village the so called Block Rosary where the statue of the Virgin Mary is moved from house to house. The house owner acts as host for the week. It is one way of socializing in a religious way. And the center of the prayer is the recitation of the rosary. Right now the Virgin Mary is in our house and I pray to it every night. On Sunday it will be moved to another house and as a send off, snacks will be served courtesy of the house owner (that's me this time). If there is a block rosary in every town, that's one way of reviving the Christian spirit.


  • We do that as well. Though it's been a long time since the Virgin Mama Mary has been in our house. I think it's a tradition that has been with us since the earlier times. My grandmother recalls to us having the same tradition when she was even younger. It can also truly make you repent and pray to the Lord himself. 

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