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Who is this man with the Pope please?

He's possibly the Pope's butler but it's not Sandro. He's a bit shorter than him, 50-ish, slightly receeding hairline, and rides up front in the Popemobile and carries the pope's bag etc. My friend is convinced he's English but I think not. He's seen a lot but we haven't got a clue who he is, can anyone help please?


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    I have seen that man with the Pope and I guess he is the close-in bodyguard who would lay down his life for the Pope. There is no way to identify him because it is intended for him to be anonymous. The Pope is like the president of a country who is given ample protection with several bodyguards who are near and far from him. So in case you see the Pope in public, you will also notice some other men who are nearby but very observant of the surroundings for a possible sniper.
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    I never thought of that, I just assumed that as he was doing butlery things that he was another butler. Your answer makes sense. Thank you! :)
  • I Googled some images of the pope's bodyguards. And those descriptions you mentioned were quite on point with this one man. So I'd also say as well that that man is his bodyguard. The pope is a very important man and guarding his life is essential as well. Aside from that, in case of an emergency, like a disaster, there should be someone there to protect him as well. 
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    The closest thing that the Pope has to a personal assistant or something of that nature is the Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church, a position that it is now occupied by a french cardinal if I remember correctly. You can see him riding alongside the Pope in many of those pictures. The rest of the gentlemen there, the ones wearing the suits are Swiss guard.
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    In case somebody is interested, I remember the name of the current Camerlengo, his name is Jean Louis Tauran and has been in the position since early 2015 if I remember correctly.  You could google his name to check if it is indeed the person that you are asking for, you don't specify but since he is a cardinal you probably saw him using the proper cardinal attires.
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