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Using Bible quotes as guide in daily life

I know of some people particularly the so called fundamentalists who use the Bible quotes to guide them in their daily life. I think that is a good way of living the word of God. However, most of those fundamentalists are deeply embedded in their religion that they cannot talk without mentioning God of the Bible which to me is preposterous or even outrageous.

For us in my family, we use Bible quotes just to cite but not really to use it everyday or even practice it. We try to live a life that is practical, modern and in consonance with the society. How can we enjoy life when all we think is the Bible?


  • I think we should live our lives guided by the words of the Lord. We don't necessarily have to mention Him or His teachings every chance we get. But we must embed these teachings in our hearts and embrace them as our own. We don't have to force other people to listen to our anecdotes as well. If they willingly wanted to learn about the teachings of God, they will learn them by themselves. As for us, we can help them as long as they want to hear the Lord's teachings from us. 

    And what's more, the teachings of the bible can be interpreted differently by different people. What may mean like this for you, will mean differently for other people. So we can read the same text but interpret it differently depending on our life experiences.
  • It is important that we try each day to have quotes to remind us that we are not alone. Bible quotes help to support our daily journey in many ways, especially when we feel we are alone and burnt out. The promises of the Lord are everlasting and I think God loves when we call on him and remind of of his promises. He cannot change and will refresh us and deliver, according to his word. Going over the quotes helps to shore up our faith and keeps us knowing we are in good hands.
  • @arthnel That's very true. Whenever I'm feeling low and alone, all I have to do is read the bible and I immediately feel better. There are times that even your loved ones or closest friends cannot ease your feeling. That's why you need to have God beside you, in your heart and in your mind, because then every problem will be easier to take. I just wish a lot more people realise this and go to the Lord for their problems instead of being alone or thinking they're alone.
  • That is the exact feeling I get too @briannagodess. The bible just somehow gives me a feeling of security and that all is going to be well. Sometimes I even feel guilty as I only run for the bible when it seems like all hell is breaking lose in my life. When things get back to normal the dust settles on my bible again. It's never very far though.
  • Aw, don't feel guilty @arthnel. You don't have to read the bible everyday to let God know He is in your heart. As long as you pray and ask for His guidance and has gratitude for all your blessings, God knows that you remember him. Anyway, it's true that the bible is like a security blanket. I remember when I got pregnant I was scared and cannot tell anyone yet. But I just read the bible and got some relief even with not telling anyone about my condition.
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    Using Bible quotes is nothing if your actions don't reflect any of those teachings. A lot of people like to go around quoting from the Bible all the time yet their actions usually are the complete opposite of what they are preaching. Don't "quote" from the Bible, live it, be a shining example, teach with your actions.
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    You see, as Christians we don't belong in this world. We are not of this world. (John 15:19). We are aliens. We are going to be persecuted for righteousness sake (Matthew 5:10-11). We're not meant to "enjoy" in this very cruel world. I don't mean we deprive ourselves of the enjoyment this world can give us. Because we can definitely enjoy the beauty of this world. We are indeed commanded to enjoy the blessings of God. What I mean by "not enjoy" is the inevitable and unending spiritual battle we are fighting every day in this world. Without the Bible, we Christians cannot survive in this world. The Bible is the our source of growth (I Peter 2:2), guidance (Psalm 119:105), strength (Romans 1:16) and encouragement in this very wicked world we live in. 
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