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@Franklin_Graham (President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association @BGEA) Hates the Gospels

I think I'm referring to 'the books (of the Bible) that convey the Gospel (Good News).' Rather than focus his ministry on spreading their message, Franklin Graham seems to go straight from 'the Old Testament's tales of "God's support of Israel's warfare' to some of Apostle Paul's speculation on prayer---ignoring the fact that THE SON OF GOD prayed to the Father, and paying no attention to "how THAT turned out.'

I got a letter from his current ministry-campaign--"DECISION AMERICA 2016"--and can't even read it. Not that it's unintelligible---more like 'it's just a report that people (at rallies in state-capitols across the nation) seem to like his 'Yay God'-talk.


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    Some preachers avoid the new testament for their own reason. There is a preacher in the southern part of the Philippines who calls himself the Son of God. And he talks like he is the redeemer and even say that no one can come to the Father unless he pass by the son which is him. His name is Apollo Quiboloy who has a lot of followers. They call their group the New Paradise (or something like that).
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