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Is the Church's Mission in Line with Christ's? @ArchOKC

I got a flier/tract from St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church last Sunday--the "Archbishop's (of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City) Appeal 2016"--for "DISCIPLES ADVANCING THE CHURCH'S MISSION" through the ministries of "Reaching those who still search for deeper awareness of God's gracious love & mercy, Proclaiming the Gospel of Life, Supporting couples for the Sacrament of Marriage, Raising up our youth, Assisting men & women in their discernment of their vocation, Deepening our relationship with Christ through ongoing faith-formation, Helping parents to form their children in the faith, Supporting Hispanic & Vietnamese ministries, Sustaining faith by prayer and service (all of them being ministries suitable to discuss in separate topics for each!)"

In short, it's all 'sanctified busy-work.' Because 'The Teacher' (possibly King Solomon, the greatest "real" king in history ... piointing to the reason Lord Jesus is not referred-to as "King Jesus" (except when referring to Him--IN INFANCY--as "King of Kings"))--upon fully experiencing 'holding dominion' over the greatest earthly power--reports that it's all 'vain meaninglessness.'

Lord Jesus brought us peace-with-that (satifaction with life, knowing that the best you can hope for is 'to end a long-long life without having caused too much trouble').

That's where 'Christ' is ... 'symbolized' by 'the tongues of flame' at Pentecost, which qualified the Disciples into Apostles that could re-symbolize 'Christ' through 'baptism' (the way 'having been educated' is symbolized by 'a diploma given at a graduation-ceremony').

So--as 'the ministries listed above' help to further the Archbishop's central Appeal ("To Know Christ and to Make Him Known")--yes, the Church's Mission is in line with Christ's (to bring the peace that comes with the Law's Fulfillment).
Ministry Focus
  1. Which of the Listed Ministries Is Most-Important to You?2 votes
    1. Reaching those who still search for deeper awareness of God's gracious love & mercy
    2. Proclaiming the Gospel of Life
    3. Supporting couples for the Sacrament of Marriage
    4. Raising up our youth
    5. Assisting men & women in their discernment of their vocation
    6. Deepening our relationship with Christ through ongoing faith-formation
    7. Helping parents to form their children in the faith
    8. Supporting Hispanic & Vietnamese ministries
    9. Sustaining faith by prayer and service


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    I have always been Catholic, however I don't believe I was always Christian. I know that sounds horrible but it is true. It was from years of hearing I had to personally appeal to Jesus and ask him to enter my heart and take control of my life, that I finally did so, and truly at that point became a Christian. 

    I was at the end of my rope, I felt my efforts (which were strong, disciplined, perfectionist, moral, intense, and well beyond those of others) got me practically nowhere, after years of struggling. I gave up and asked Him to take control. And He did and life flowed forward, no longer was I banging my head against the wrong brick wall. 

    So to give this gift of a life lived in Christ is something I wish everyone could experience. The world is different once you finally see it through converted eyes. 
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    That's not how most Catholicism works (around here (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA), anyway). Here, you're 'always Christian' (in that you're "baptized" in infancy, symbolic of the idea that your parents-&-family will FLOOD your senses with Christianity) and the sacrament of Confirmation is when you officially 'confirm' that your life belongs to the church's community.

    'Vocation' (both 'of being a priest or nun' and 'of being a good Catholic Christian WHATEVER YOUR OCCUPATION') is sort of 'the fruit' of that 'planting & fertilization'---kind of the way you respond to whatever mission 'God gives you' (and no, that's not "the mission they tell you God said you have," but rather 'the you-shaped position God leaves open in the world').
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    Is this another thread about the moniker of Jesus? Our national hero is Jose Rizal who has a lot of monikers but we do not bother with it because we know him as a smart boy and an intelligent man who sacrificed himself for the peace in his country. With Jesus, there are people calling him Brother Jesus and refer to him as The Healer.

    Now, with the thread's topic on the ministry, I go for peace because that is the most important for me.
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