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Will you fast for Lent?

I always enjoy the Lenten season. I always have a plan for what I will attempt to abstain from, to live a more simple life, but this year it came up so fast I don't really have a plan. Are you planning on fasting from something during Lent? What are your views on this practice?


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    In the olden days, the whole week of the so called Holy Week is fasting for us. But it's not the fasting that is common but a different one. We abstain from heavy eating especially meat and it's fish and vegetables on the menu. We also abstain from soda and other sweets. With entertainment, we avoid listening to music and the tv shows that we watch are movies about history or religion.

    Come Easter, we feel like a new person.
  • In our household, when I was a boy,  When Monday of the Holy Week arrives, it is still ok to eat meat and maybe do a little bit of your usual routines but, when Maundy Thursday arrives, that is the start of the fasting (no meat, no hard drinks, no sweets, no sex). That is the start of your sacrifice or penance and also your way of showing respect to the Holy Season. Some other sacrifices include going to seven churches to hear mass, not doing household cleaning or chores especially when the clock strikes 3pm of Good Friday. Instead of doing your routines and stuff, you allot that free time for prayer and contemplation and be one in the solemnity of the season. Normal routines you can resume by Easter. That's how I remember Holy Week when I was young.
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