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Has God ever spoken to you?

Has God ever spoken to you? Do you feel he speaks to you? In what way? How do you know it is him, and not you?

I have felt that God has spoken to me in the quietness of my heart. Of course though it could have just been me. It is hard to know.

I have heard people argue that God only speaks to people though the Bible. They don't want to believe that God speaks to people in other ways, and view it as heresy. But if that is the case then I don't know why the Bible would say if you to seek God with all your heart, you will find him. If you find him, why would he not communicate with you?


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    That is one thing I do not like with some Born Again Christians. They brag that they have a hotline with God and that God talks to them every day. One jewelry seller in our former office who converted as a Born Again Christian said that she was on the bus, on her way to our office, and she heard a voice that said, "Daughter, be careful for there is a thief in this bus." True enough, there was a thief. But is that believable? Most of my officemates have branded her as crazy.
  • Yes God usually talks to me. God can talk to us through dreams and what we see. We should not expect him to directly talk to us through loud voices. What we usually experience maybe another way that He uses to talk to us.
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