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Praying for a country in calamity

What do you think is the good effect of praying for a place which is in the state calamity? Like the Paris attack, it was prevalent in the social media items that say "let us pray for Paris." Do you think that God will do something because we are all praying for Paris? And what are we praying for Paris? The damage has been done and lost lives cannot be regained.

My point in this post is the prayer should have a specific intention and should be realistic and clear. When you pray to win the lotto jackpot, do you think it is a good intention? For all we know, all those who bet on the lotto are also praying. In that case, the intention is specific but not realistic.


  • I think the effect and purpose of prayers can be a complicated subject. I've often thought it strange that two sports teams would have avid fans who both pray to the same God for their own team to win. Does God have favorite sports teams?

    However, I think the Paris situation is quite different from sports or the lotto example that you gave. Yes, the people who were killed won't be raised from the dead (at this time at least) and much damage has already been done. But that doesn't mean we can't pray for the present and the future. We can pray for peace and justice for the families and friends of those who died. We can pray to align ourselves more closely with other Christians and with God's will. We can certainly pray for Paris, but these prayers should lead us to further action by the grace of God and with the love of Christ. 
  • Everything happens for a purpose even if we pray or not. Terrorists are still there and they can do anything and yet we do pray. The problem arises when we don't believe whenever we pray. We must believe in our prayers if we expect to see results.
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