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Catholics are the most tame of Christians

For the Catholics here, have you noticed that majority of the other Christian denominations are aggressive when it comes to their religion? Some Born Again Christians I know call themselves Christians as if they want to steal that label. The Jehovah's Witnesses are always ready for a debate. A local Christian sect is avid in recruiting for conversion to their faith. But what about Catholics? They are the meek and mild Christians who avoid confrontation and arguments for the sake of peace. That is how I perceive Catholics.


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    Corzhens I absolutely agree with you and find it crazy. I have been involved with a number of denominations and find they can be very aggressive, judgmental, and quite vocal against other denominations and especially Catholicism. But most (if not all) Catholics I know are very gentle, quiet, respectful people that do not talk about or judge other denominations. 

    I'm sure every denomination has it's faults and may not be doing things perfectly right, but I don't understand how some Christians feel justified in attacking other Christians as being wrong, when we are all followers of Christ. I don't see how they can reconcile how Jesus would feel knowing his children are fighting about Him. 
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    Maybe the aggressiveness of other Christian sects is borne from their desire to gain converts because they earn points from their church. It is like a club or fraternity with a recruitment program. But being religion, those sects promise salvation to those who are able to recruit. Caholics have not heard of that promise that's why there is no such move to recruit converts. The Catholics are just being serious with their own faith.

    Muslims, by the ways, have their recruitment program too but their targets are mostly in penitentiary and jails. One popular actor here was converted to Islam when he was incarcerated. In America, there was Cassius Clay who turned Muhammad Ali while in jail.
  • Same thing can be said with Mike Tyson right? He was recruited into the fold of Islam while he was serving his jail time. Same can be said with a certain actor here in the Philippines, known for his bad boy image, he was converted as well to Islam while  serving time, Cat Stevens, same thing. I'm not sure why they pick prisons as a place of convertion. Anyway, Catholics are meek and when it comes to their religion, because they believe that their faith is an instrument for peace instead as a weapon for destruction. No religion in this world is perfect, all religions have their versions of heroes and villains.
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    I never knew that about Muslims, that is very interesting. I have heard of a lot of men who picked up Islam after they were in prison. Interesting. 

    I also have never heard about it being true that some get "points" for converts. But I have absolutely felt that, because through my life there have been numerous Baptists who have tried to convert me, say they are praying for me, say they talk about me in prayer groups, etc. The latest was Church of Latter Day Saints person who latched onto me. I never understood why are they so attached to me to get me to their side, when we are all followers of Jesus anyways, why do I have to follow in the Baptist faith? So the point system makes total sense in my experiences. 
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