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Should Catholics, Protestants and other Christian religions unite for greater causes?

This is a thought I've always had, should all the religions who consider Christ as God unite in favor of greater causes like helping people who suffer hunger or anyone who has experienced recentely experienced war, etc. Maybe things that aren't as trascendental like simply helping out keep a city cleaner or visiting old people who have been abandoned. This could sound as if it should be done by anyone of us but a union could have a greater and more positive impact. Is it too dreamy to think of this because religions are irreconcilable?


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    A big yes is my answer. Especially now that there are jihadists around, Christians should not be just sitting and waiting to be slaughtered. Let us unite for a common cause that we can save the world from the evils of terrorism. Some years ago there was that ecumenical gathering - a prayer by different Christian sects. I hope we can revive the ecuminism thing and fight for Jesus Christ.
  • I think there may already be groups like this. It seems like a good idea, really. I think there is a lot that can unite Protestants, Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox--for example they all generally agree with the ideas of loving God and loving others, working for peace, helping the poor and abused (the "least of these"), etc. There are many good things that groups like this could do despite their theological differences. 
  • It would be ideal if all religions could put all their differences aside for the common good. That they could stop fighting for one second over who is the right religion, and focus on all the troubles of the world. If all the religions placed their energy on the good that they could bring to the world instead o bickering, the things that could be done would be insurmountable. So many people in need could benefit from it. I could even go as far as saying that they could solve the famine crisis in Africa.
  • If we can learn in the same school, work in the same factory, then why do we avoid each other on religious grounds. There are many things that we can do together like when campaigning for a political candidate while forgetting our religious backgrounds. God created us to live together and not to avoid others because of their religion.
  • If all the religions in the world worked for the common good and set aside their differences for once and for all, then we can solve most of the world's problems if not, come to a solution that will be beneficial for everyone in the world.Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Muslims can all benefit if we all worked together and helped the ones that needs assistance. Debates can continue, but the use of arms has got to stop.
  • If only we can unite despite our religious beliefs... If only we can unite despite our differences... If only we can unit despite our misunderstandings... The world could have been a better place. However, many people use religion itself to separate us from each other. If that's not enough, there's race, gender and society that rip us apart.

    To answer your question, yes, it will probably for the benefit of everybody if we can unite despite our differences in religion. After all, we are still human beings, we are alike in so many ways. But it baffles me how different we become when it comes to our thoughts and opinions. I just hope that we learn to unite to help those in need, in disasters and those who are less-fortunate than us. 

    After all, isn't that what every religion teaches anyway? To be kind, compassionate and obedient servants of the Lord.
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