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Are you critical of other religion?

My husband is critical of other religion although he is not vocal about it. His usual target is the Jehovah's Witnesses since he has some relatives who are die-hard JW. But now he is aiming at Muslims saying the Qran has erred in justifying jihad - that infidels should be beheaded. That is plain violent, my husband said. Unlike Christians who are founded on goodness and kindness, some Muslims are obviously on the opposite side. With the issue blown up by ISIS, I think my husband is correct in saying that Muslims should start re-thinking their religious stand.


  • I am open to all religions and to the essence of religion as well. I like exploring these notions and I believe that religion cannot be bad. People can, on the other hand be bad and use religion in a bad way. I have been studying Islam for some school paper few years ago and I find it very similar to other religions. I have been speaking with their clerics and they do not approve the idea of "holly war". The translation of Jihad is wrong entirely. It is a war within oneself to defeat all bad spirits find peace. It has been years since Islam is taken the wrong way but media is not friendly to it even though these so called Muslims are not accepted by regular Islam. They are terrorists and a fraction of the church that propagates violent conversion and punishment of those who won't convert. This is the main rule in Kuran. The people must choose by their free will whether they will believe and adopt Islam or not.
  • It's true that media plays a big part on how we view Muslims today. Perhaps they tend to focus more on people who take a position in the war that's supposedly held against the western countries. Personally I always think about those Muslims who promote peace and simply want to live their religion without any fanaticism, just as we would live our common daily Catholic lifes. We judge those kind of Muslims incorrectly.

    I have found that not criticizing other religions is best in almost any context. It even brings more peace of mind upon yourself. Unless it is something similar to a cult where people are actually being brainwashed and any "cult member" needs to be rescued as soon as possible. For example think about those priests and pastors who preach just to make more money and live in eccentric ways while heavily manipulating the minds of all those who assist to their cults.
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    I agree with DavidRahn. I try not to get into arguments with people of other faiths unless they specifically invite them, because otherwise people tend not to listen and just fall back on their own beliefs. Especially as Catholics, it is far too easy for people to point fingers about church politics or Vatican conspiracy theories and there is nothing to be gained at that point.

    However, I do think there is value in having discussions with others about why we believe as we do and why the Church believes as she does, and comparing it to other faiths. If you try to argue that Catholicism or Christianity was founded on kindness and love, you'll just end up in an argument where someone quotes every war in the Bible at you or misuses Matthew 10:34 to make their point. Having a well-reasoned discussion and pressing a debate opponent to really consider what their faith tells them is more effective, especially when they see you living a happy, faithful life.
  • I'm open to all religions, and see it as a historical fact that most religions have used violence to implant or enforce their religion onto others. I believe that all religions should worship God as they see fit. There have been many times in my life that I've though that God may have allowed the creation of other religions, because people are so very different, and he was simply providing different ways in which people can connect with him.
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    I was born and raised as a good Catholic and I have been schooled in Catholic academies so kindness and peace are first and foremost in my learning of religion. Like some of those here, I also avoid arguing about religion. When I see something distasteful in a religion, I just keep it to myself and the most I can be vocal with is is when I talk about it with my husband. It's no use to engage in a debate about religion since no one would win and the only thing you get is hate from your opponent.
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    I used to be very open to all religions and enjoyed learning about them. But when Jesus saved me, well, the whole world looks different now, and yes, I have to say I am very weary and can be critical of other religions. Especially religions such as Islam which promote hatred and death to infidels, and corporal punishment to its own, through Sharia law. Christianity would seek to convert unbelievers and bring them into our family, while it seems Muslims would seek to destroy unbelievers. It's all very scary. Christians say there is a spiritual war going on, a war for our souls... I do believe that and I also wonder how that invisible spiritual war manifests in the war between religions. 
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