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What does the Catholic church need to do to gain hold on their members

It's not only the Christian denominations that are avid in their recruitment but Muslim are also at it - they say that getting a convert will reserve you a slot in heaven, so to speak. On the other hand, the Catholic church seems to be doing nothing about it. Some Christian sects are having a success in getting Catholics to be converted to their religion.

In my mind, I think the church has to change some policies to be abreast with the times. And they should be strict in implementing the traditional practices of the church by not giving too much freedom to the priests. Where before the holy mass takes less than an hour, now it is always more than an hour because of the caprices of the parish priest.


  • Okay. The religion is starting to be pointless to the level I couldn't believe it will. It sounds like you are choosing another bank because the conditions are better or you simply like it more. It is not doing good to the very point of religion. It is supposed to be an inner feeling. Something divine that is born within you and not an organization that you change over better conditions. It is not a political party and even though you are allowed to change it or simply say you do not believe any longer it is not a quality that made you a believer in the first place. 
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    It's difficult to say that the Church should change with the times, Corzhens! After all, the Church has members in many countries and cultures. Perhaps the Church should focus on staying in line with those countries where membership is growing - Latin American countries and places like the Philippines have very strong Church membership and are less liberal in many ways. 
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