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Is the world we are in the so called hell?

I was born and raised as a Catholic and all my schooling are in Catholic schools and university. We were taught that heaven and hell are places you could only see when you die. But sometimes I think our life here on earth is the hell that we have envisioned. This is hell because of the prevalence and dominance of evil so I'd say that Satan is the king of this world. God will not allow the countless of wars going on, the crimes that are occurring almost everywhere and the bad people around us.


  • Yes, we can see manifestations of a heaven or hell here on earth. When looking at a beautiful sunset or at indescribable nature . Whereas any war is certainly hell or a big economic crisis taking place in any underveloped country, that sure would be something similar to hell. I think it's about deciding who we let rule our actions. Just imagine for a second if we had more love in our hearts and didn't let wars happen or people die of hunger. Perhaps sometimes it's more due to our own twisted ways than actually the doing of Satan. What greater hell can children who are abandoned during war live? 
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    I do not believe the new age idea that hell is just what we make it, here on earth. That belief is dangerous, because it makes you believe if you just change your view, you will not be in "hell", and therefore gives no further thought to the afterlife. 

    Situations can certainly be Hell-ish, and evil manifest, but it is not what is meant by "hell", which is eternal afterlife. 

  • Oh yes, definitely this life is hell for many, and somewhat hell for others.  In fact, I think the actual hell will simply be a continuation of the suffering without God we see on the Earth now.  However, on the bright side, it's my personal view that hell is just a harsher form of purgatory.

    Hell is simply the struggle we face when our sinful nature won't allow us to experience true happiness.
  • I think hell on earth is more about one's state of mind.  Hell is a separation from God, and the people who can't see outside the mundane, who are in a state of misery and embattled with the world, they create their own hell and are out of touch with God.  This is why it's so important to connect with God and to pray, to do good to others and see beyond ourselves.  That's why I like the Pope's view on society so much, because he encourages us to reach out and make the world a better place.  
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