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Videos against Catholicism.

There have been several videos going round the Internet relating Catholicism to satanic acts. I would like anyone to clarify this to me.


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    I haven't heard of that video although I'm aware that Catholicism has many enemies, some are silent and some are vocal like the so called Born Again Christians who very much hate the adoration of the saintly statues by the Catholics. And to them, adoring a statue is idolatry so it is a sin. In fairness to Catholics, it a universal religion that accepts anyone with no question and doesn't force its believers to tithe. In other words, Catholicism is a very democratic religion.
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  • Well spoken @Corzhens. From the way you talk i would guess that you are a catholic. I'll share with you links to various videos on youtube that actually talk about the same.
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    Everybody is a sinner, whether we criticise them or not. Who can prove that there religion has made them not to sin? Will you like to be associated with satan since you are a sinner? Definitely no, and that is why we have to ask God to forgive us daily. When you cheat, you are just being influenced by Satan. Am I supposed to conclude that your sins are related to your religion?
  • I think a person couldn't coherently say that Catholicism equals to satanic acts. Doing this is like trying to make equal what in nature is the very opposite. Even though we might see this as very evident I do remember hearing about a group of people who tried to reconcile both "light and darkness" "God and Satan" and live in an harmony with both. Personally I think that this train of thoughts is ambigious and can lead towards accepting acts that aren't right or even morally sound. Just imagine someone saying that war is bad however if it happens we must let it continue because that is the little necessary piece of darkness within light. Somehow people fall into this way of thinking which is a real contradiction. Just remember that what is good is pure and darkness has always a way of "mixing" everything up. 
  • As the war intensifies in Syria, we are seeing catholics welcome refugees that have been displaced from their. Many Catholic charity organisations have contributed to feeding people in drought stricken areas plus more other positive projects that help our society. They are against catholics because they have failed to do what we can do.
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    I find the attack on the Catholic Church to be similar to the attack of satan on all that is Godly. The fact the attack is not on Christianity, but on Catholicism makes me even more feel that Catholicism may be right, because it spurs such hatred and animosity, which are clearly the weapons of the enemy. Even trying to equate catholic traditions to satanic acts is a way of trying to display and prove the power of the devil. I do not trust anyone who says they are a Christian yet harbor such animosity to fellow Christians who are Catholic. 
  • Every religion in existence today has their own versions of heroes and villains. Always had been. We all know that leaders of these religions are humans themselves and thus are likely to sin. The important thing to remember about all this is, are they on the side of good? If they are, Then why the animosity against them. The exchange of ideas and debates regarding God and religion is all well and healthy-- there really is no need to fight amongst each other especially if we are worshipping the same God, regardless of how we address or call him.
  • @Iamanlupa, i understand that most religions have their own versions of heroes and villains but the one for catholics is totally different. Why is it that they alter the bible to suit their ways. I support ellyjude to some extent in this. Should i share a link to one of the videos so you guys can have a look? 
  • I haven't seen or heard of these videos but let no doubt prevail, they are definitely out there. There are so many different factions that simply don't like the Roman Catholic church for historical reasons. I for one just don't like the fact that the church presents itself as whole and pure, when it is not so. The Roman Catholic tries to govern the church as well as the world and it does dabble heavily in politics, even though publicly they try to keep it on the DL. That rubs many organizations and people the wrong way.
  • Though I haven't personally seen this videos, there's no doubt that they do exist. Each religion has its share of detractors and nay-sayers. But to be honest, I just don't pay any attention to them. In my belief, I won't condemn your beliefs, if you don't condemn mine. We are all different people with different beliefs and we cannot force other people into our own beliefs. Maybe that's why we cannot unite as a people, it's because we constantly force other people to believe in our own beliefs.
  • I also think it is fair to say that every religion has its own set of people not in favor of the teachings and practices. Even though Roman Catholic detractors are ever present it is good to know how resilient the church is. It does not seem to be bothered at all by anything bad being said. That must count for something good.
  • @arthnel

    I think that's a good quality of the church as well, ignoring its destructors. The more you pay attention to the haters, the more that they enjoy the attention. After all, that's their aim, to get to you and make you say something you'll regret. If the church has enough resilience and willpower to avoid clashing with the nay-sayers, it's better for them in the long run. They won't be saying anything negative about the haters and at the same time, they are proving that these bad propaganda aren't affecting them.
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    This type of videos are simply the continuation of this tradition of attacking Catholicism that's been going on for centuries now, the problem today is that these small but vocal groups now can broadcast their messages to a wider audience and they have more tools available as this is the information age anyway.

    Couple that with the recent obscure scandals that the Vatican has faced and you have a recipe for this type of stuff to prevail. Just ignore it, there is nothing new there, only the medium has changed.
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