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Would you give your life for someone else? For a complete stranger?

Our lord and savior Jesus Christ showed the ultimate sacrifice for us by dying on the cross. Do you think you'd be capable of giving up your life for someone else? What if that person was a stranger? It's a hard question to ask, I know. I myself don't think I can do it unless it was my own family.


  •    Heroism is a gift. Something you get born with and I believe although I can be selfish sometimes I have this quality. I never had chance to act but I know I wouldn't run or just turn my head. It is not my style and I always try to help others in need. Especially those who are weaker. Animals particularly. I do not count small justice like putting guys who try to jump over everybody in a waiting line to their place. People in Serbia are rude and impolite generally speaking so this is everyday heroism. :)
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    In all honesty, no I do not think I would give my life for another person. If it came down to it, most of us wouldn't. That is why I believe that  it will always take some remnant or vessel of Divinity to help us. We are all very selfish, as I admitted in my opening statement. It takes a big heart to be the kind of saint that will not think twice about to even help another person out in a small way, let alone life or death situations. I do think that there are special people out there though who just have it in them to give every last bit of themselves. When we meet some of them we marvel at them in wonder.We should stop questioning and let their sacrifices inspire us to become more selfless.
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