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Where Does God Say "My Name Is Not Allah"?

I got invited to sign a petition against 'the U.N. rewriting the Bible,' and I thought it was against them 'claiming that creation took millions-of-years rather than less than a week-of-days.' And I was going to respond with 'what makes the "prehistoric" accounts any-better-than the modern archaeological accounts?'

But that wasn't the issue at all! The issue was that the U.N. (reportedly) passed a resolution that declared the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron & Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem as Islamic sites, which they say "delegitimizes Israel's holy sites."

I don't even want to go into "how wrong 'Stand for Israel' is in making that judgment!"

Just one precedent there: Saint Paul convinced the judges of the Areopagus that 'God' (whom Christians call 'Yahweh,' 'Jehovah' etc.) was their pantheon's "God with No Name." ("Acts" somewhere, I think).


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    It would seem that G-d does not say anything other than  "I Am That I Am," in regards to his identity. Honestly, we Christians have a hard time adhering to the names that the  Hebrews used to describe G-d.  the word god is not of Hebrew origin. Much less the muslims which is considered the tribe of Ishmael. I think that we should respect their names for G-d just like we expect for others to respect our name for G-d.
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    When it comes to those historic places, I don't think the issue is about religion but more of politics. When China occupied Tibet forcing the Dalai Lama to go on exile, their reason is political and not religious. In Israel, I guess it is the same thing, a political move to ruin Christians but not really Christianity. But if the believers of Christ will not make a move on this issue then the Muslims will take over in terms of historical facts.
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