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Thanksgiving prayer.

It is always good to give thanks for what our Almighty has done for us. So don't get into 2016 before thanking the Lord for what He has done for you in 2015.

Me and my prayer group members shall pray this prayer tomorrow to give thanks for the year...starting at 6am and close at 3pm with divine mercy chaplet.You can join us.

Thanksgiving for the Blessings of the Year

O God, the beginning and the end of all things,
Who art always the same,
and Whose years fail not,
we now, at the close of another year,
kneel in adoration before Thee,
and offer Thee our deepest thanks
for the fatherly care with which
Thou has watched over us during the past,
for the many times Thou hast protected us
from evils of soul and body,
and for the numberless blessings,
both temporal and spiritual,
which Thou hast showered upon us.
May it please Thee to accept the homage of our grateful
which we offer Thee
in union with the infinite thanksgiving of Thy Divine Son,
our Lord Jesus Christ,
Who with Thee liveth and reigneth forever and ever.

(Mention all that you want to thank God for )



  • Posts: 56
    Amen that was a beautiful prayer we have a lot to be thankful for. Despite all the bad news that we hear in the world there is still a lot of good out there that needs to be celebrated in simple or grand ways. I'm thankful for my family and friends and for my community of devoted Christians who help each other like true neighbors should.
  • Posts: 129
    Yes, that is a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving. When we were young, my parents would always tell us to say a prayer of thanks in our own words. They do not want us to memorize any prayer for that because the meaning may be lots. At least, my parents said, that praying in your own words can easily come from the heart. And praying with sincerity is the best.
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