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Religion Is The Opiate Of The Masses

What would the world be like without religion? What if we never had God or a higher being who we considered creator and author of all things? Even some atheists in times of terror and dread call upon God for mercy. When we reach points where our lives are caving in and we have nowhere to go and no-one to turn to, why do we suddenly find faith in a higher source to bring back order in the midst of the storm? Can we do without religion? Is it really the opiate of the masses?


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    I think religion provides answers where it is impossible to go there through rational thinking. Religion is all about faith and beliefs, it's about knowing that you know nothing and the answers you seek might be found in God. It's not an opiate to me it's more like an anesthetic. If there wasn't religion I think philosophy would take over.
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    A philosopher had said that we need God so even if there is no God then we should invent God. Religion is the opium of the people because the main product of religion is salvation or eternal life. Who doesn't want to live long? Who doesn't want to go to heaven (a place for immortals).

    Just a sad fact that religion has no proof of its claim, just like a product with a tag that says No Approved Therapeutic Claim. No one has proof of heaven, no one has solid proof of life beyond. So we are just relying on the promises of religions, hoping that it is true when it comes to salvation.
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    Religion has hope always at its base. that the true reason why everyone must subscribe to one when they are down. We are taught to believe in ourselves, but t gets hard to do this when everything you do crumbles. People will always need something to believe in, but that does not overrule the fact that every religion is the result of man's encounter with what we can only describe as otherworldly. Faith is one step on the stairway to Heaven.
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    I also think it comes down to that fact that people always need something to believe in. An anchor must be there to provide assurance of steadiness in the eye of the storm. many people don't even take the time to understand what the anchor is all about. They take up a cause, with arms if necessary, and carry out unspeakable acts in the name of God and religion. Religion has rendered many wise people into utter buffoons as they try to enforce their cause and beliefs forcibly. Opium has a similar effect.
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