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How Hateful & Closed-Minded Baptists Are! The Deity Had to Be Lost!

I was going to post a discussion on a Baptist discussion-board, and saw that I had been BANNED ... makes me feel more like Lord Jesus Christ  b-(

The reason they banned me: they say I "deny the diety of Christ." I'm not exactly-sure what they mean---could be that I deny that He was "God on Earth"---by merit of Him 'not being a fair trade for man' (or mankind not being a fair trade for Him) if He WERE 'God on Earth.'

I've heard pastors (priests, deacons, etc.) say that what happened was He put His Godhood aside for His entire life (that's why He PRAYED TO GOD right up until He 'relinquished His spirit' ... did He pray any AFTER His resurrection?) That's what they mean when they say 'He became poor for our sake'---like when Abraham nearly went through with 'putting his beloved son up for sacrifice.' God the Father TOTALLY LOST God the Son to 'the world,' where He stayed through until death on a cross (unlike the Prodigal Son, who--desiring the comforts he remembered from home--chickened-out and ran back to his forgiving father).


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    This God issue on Jesus is debatable and it always depends on where you sit. I say debatable because arguments are rife since there is no conclusive evidence on Jesus' being God or partly-God. The Catholic church has a dogma on the Holy Trinity - that is 3 Gods in one - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are one and 3 and 3 in one. It's too difficult to comprehend but more difficult to explain for how can one understand that Jesus was born of Mary but in fact he is part of God the Father, like a clone.
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    Did you read the forum rules? No one gets banned that easily unless ofcourse you were being incredibly disrespectful of their faith already. We don't impose our beliefs on others even and especially on forums my friend. To me whether God is human or divine is out of the question already when you yourself aren't acting like a human being-- that is if that's what happened I'm just assuming here I don't mean to offend.
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    @rabst I have had similar experiences with Baptists, so I understand what you are talking about. Perhaps even on the same Baptist board! I find that some Baptists are unwilling to have religious discussions with people who do not have the exact beliefs they do. They want to teach others their beliefs, and be held in high regard for knowing their perceived way, but are intolerant of questions where the answer might point outside their way. 

    I don't want to generalize of course but I personally have just had many experiences with Baptists. Being a very questioning, seeking, curious person, I find my questions and comments are NOT welcome. 
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    You guys must have come across some hardcore evangelical Baptists :). I think every denomination has such rigid members and groups and we should not generalise because of a few people or bad experiences. I've met wonderful Baptists and have had great debates and discussions whereby we learnt from each other and understood the differences better.
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