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Why Be Good In a World With So Much Evil?

Many of us are good because we were taught to be good. Many of us are good because we know and fear the consequences of being caught if we do bad things. The heart of man is deceitful and cruel. Are we born naturally good? Why should we keep being good in this World of so much evil?


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    Sometimes I also think that way - why do we need to be good when evil is all around us. Worse, the evil people are getting luckier than the good people. That is unfair. Perhaps this is what some people say - that we are actually in hell and this is the domain of Satan so evil people prevail most of the time. Yes, only in the movies we see that good wins over evil but in reality, come on, look at the politicians who are womanizers and had vices but they become president of the country. It is so unfair that evil prevails in this world.
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    Think about the ideas of Chaos and Order-- both of which gravitate to one being bad and the other being good. If we lived in a place of constant chaos then we wouldn't be able to learn, to build, to be human. But if we live in a place of Order which is good then we become ourselves, sometimes we even transcend to philosophical thinking or scientific discovery or faith in God.
  • We need to shine the light of God into the shadows of the world. Befriend those who may be at their worst and lead by example. Perhaps in this way you can lead someone to God and extend his light to more people. If everyone did this, the evil in the world would dissipate. It could never be fully gone, as we all struggle with sin, but it would help the state of the world.
  • @Corzhens I totally agree with you, especially on the point that 'evil people are getting luckier than good people'. I think that may be a reason many good people go to the Dark Side. life is unfair but it does have its many moments of fairness. I don't think we are born bad, but I just think we have the capacity to be good and not necessarily innate goodness.
  • @Paigeswan I also agree with shining the light of God to dissipate evil. But I find it interesting that we need to acknowledge a higher source to do what is good to our fellow mankind. I love god, so don't get me wrong. I'm just thinking that being good should be a source of energy that flows from our very being because goodness resides in us.
  •    I enjoy questioning everything so who is to say what is good and what is evil. We made some moral rules and we stick to them but at the end of the day we'll do anything to survive. It is in our nature and because of the rules we have set we developed guilt. Animals do not have that but we do and it is killing us. I managed to reduce it. When I do something I have guilt for a day or two and then I really do not care.
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    The reason to still do much good in the world, is it still needs positive energy.  We can't write the whole world off just because we do not agree with many things taking place in today's society. Despite what we may think isn't going our way,  the world is still not entirely evil. If G-d's Son did not give up on us what makes us think that we are entitled to give up on the world? Everything takes time, a small gesture of kindness can have a huge effect on someone's outlook and change their life's direction. If there was no good thing on Earth, the sun would  not shine, the water would not flow and the air would no longer support our respiratory system. The world is not evil, it is  the good people in the world that have not done enough to incite positivity on a drastic level. How can we ever complain about something if we do nothing to change it?
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  • We cannot think like that. We have to trust and believe in the almighty God. God does not condone anything that is happening in the world today that we my deem evil. We have brought this on ourselves because we have not kept his commandments. We have to repent and pray that God would protect us and everything that concerns us. If we focus on the evil so much how then can we see all the good that is still happening around us?
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    Shining the light of God to dissipate evil. According to a colleague, if God is the king of this world then why let evil have its way. My reply to that is vague since I also have no clear explanation to that question. In fact, as I had posted in another thread, I have this feeling that we are right now in hell that's why evil is victorious most of the time. But let's not forget that we are only humans and we have not right to question God.
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    Keep in mind that, as Catholics, this world is not our goal. This world is temporary, fleeting, and already given over to Satan. Instead, we strive to be worthy of a higher goal in Heaven, peace with and within God. Don't focus too much on the rewards the evil receive in this world. Remember that those who receive reward on Earth will be denied it in Heaven.
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    @Otacon I believe in Heaven and I hope it's as great as it sounds like it will be. An evil world comes as no surprise and the heart of man becomes colder and more deceitful as each day goes by. It would be a lie to say there is no good at all in the world. It's just that good things tend to remain humble while evil things are highlighted and exhausted from the media right back to our own emotions. We tend to hold on and talk more about the hurtful, evil things.

    Evil happens because of our fault, if we are to believe in the creation story as presented in the bible with all it's vague foundations. Every single day it gets harder to be nice to other people and to mankind in general. I guess our Holy Bible taught us that this would happen as well.
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    Rewards of the "dark side" are quick, and it is easy to be tempted and won over in so many ways. If you believe the world is Satan's playground, and he has been given so much authority over it, it all makes sense why there is so much evil, corruption, and temptation. Without believing that, you might just think this is normal, this is the world we live in, so lets just go with the flow, everyone's doing it. 

    But if you believe this world is here to test us, it is easier to stick to your internal values. 

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