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What is the Take of the Catholic Church regarding the Last Days?

Many religions in the world today, especially Protestant and born again religions, believe that we are already facing what God has mentioned in the scriptures as the Last Days. With all the political turmoil, natural disasters, wars and whatnot it is hard not to believe them to be true. I mean, they were written more than 2 thousand years ago, and we are feeling them in these days, only a few of them has not occurred yet. I have yet to hear a sermon or a message from the Vatican regarding the end times and how close we are to it, I almost never hear it being said in my own church. I just want to know, what is our stand regarding it? Do we believe it or are the concepts of the end times too scary for us?


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    I'm not quite sure myself the only catechism we have surrounding it is from the Bible-- the Book of Revelations reveals the last days. In contemporary history I do not think the Vatican has released any information regarding the end of days but I heard the Pope talking about climate change, population and the like so I suppose in a way we've been preparing for it's prevention.
  • Many years ago, over and over, events all over the world would indicate we are in the last days. I think we are but it's kind of hard to put a time on it, as we are cultured to do globally, put time on everything. I'm almost sure my grand-kids will be saying they are in the last days and perhaps their grand-kids too. I don't think violence and crime will be eliminated and news media highlights more evil than good. It makes it hard for everyone to see why they should be good in a world with so much evil. I don't want to live everyday as if it were my last, but I'm not offered much choice.
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