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How Do You Picture Judgement Day?

I'm a part-time writer so my imagination will take me places and cause me to see things in different ways from normal people. I usually tell my friends judgement day is going to be very long. I picture a dark, rainy, hot and miserable day that's going to start late, on purpose, to add to the misery.  People, young and old, dead and alive are going to be lined up by last names in alphabetical order. I see this because ALL our sins are going to disclosed by God's scribe who's busy writing about me as I write this now. So all the A's B's and C's will be dealt with first coming down the line. My last name begins with E so at least I have a little time, but I envy guys like Mark Zuckerberg who get to go last.

So after your name comes up and you get to either go heaven, hell or in the balance based on 'How Do You Plea?' do you get to hang around and hear the sins of the others or are you ushered off  to the waiting bus to your share of eternity? All I know is that it's going to be very long day with lots of mosquitoes and no suntan nor bottled water for sale. I might change my last name to Zignel only to delay the inevitable. What do you guys see?


  • Hahaha, Mark Zuckerberg being last in the sin list is a funny line. :D If you actually changed your last name to something that starts with a Z that means you would have to wait even longer on this line.

    Several years ago, I envisioned something quite similar to what you've just described here. However not so long ago I met a very intelligent and well studied (basically a religious scholar) priest from the Order of Mount Carmel (or Carmelite). He challenged my apocalyptic vision of the end of the world by saying that the "Apocalypse" has occured many times already throughout history represented as dark times that we as an interpretation to scare and convert us to earthly religion than a sincere change in life because once we accept Christ and do the appropriate things to stay in communion with him, we are saved.

    Anyways, just to speak to your creative writers mind I have imagined two angelical armies facing each other, incredibly dressed for a final battle. At one side we've got two thirds of heaven's angels and at the other side we've got the one third of the fallen angels whom rebelled eons ago. All this could be seen by us as a war amongst stars. Somewhere around the battle appears The Beast and Satan heavily hurting Heaven's side. After having a difficult moment and almost loosing the battle, suddenly appears a man dressed in white riding a white arabian horse. This guy has a horn and beautiful sword. When he plays the horn all Heavenly angels heal from their wounds and with just a few gentle swings of his sword he is able to vanquish the whole demonic army. After this happens, a long victory cry is heard throughout the universe. The war that had been going on for millions of years has come to an end. 
  • I picture Judgement day happening a long, long time from now. I do not see this happening any time soon. As for how it will pan out, I honestly couldn't tell you. I don't imagine God being as heartless as people would like to think. I think many will be shown mercy in the coming days. 
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    As per my orientation in the Catholic schools that I had attended, judgment day is an armageddon. There will be the clash of good and evil forces over your soul and that's the preliminary. When you are able to get past that battle, you will reach a door where you are given a preview of your life which will be shown before your eyes. You will see everything and nothing can be hidden. And then it's up to you to discern on where you are going.

    That final destination is not clear to me because all I have in my mind is heaven.
  • Well, it is still written in the good book (somewhere in it, I heard it once.)that once your name is called, all your sins will be laid bare for everybody to hear (or see) as proof of what you did in your life. It's going to be a long day for sure, if we were on Earth I guess. I doubt there will be mosquitoes though, I've heard God's judgment table is pretty sanitary and since we're waiting for our own judgment, we'll be in some sort of suspended state so, do not worry about getting thirsty or hungry... I believe the whole "that's the least of your worries" bit will come into play.Nobody knows for sure where we are really headed. The best thing to do right now, is live the life that God wanted you to live. He is our Father anyway, He knows what is good for us and in the end, He will understand us. Judgment day comes next to Armageddon, the ultimate battle of good against evil. Once that has come to pass.Godwill ultimately judge the wicked and reward the righteous. If you are with God, you'll go with Him, if you chose to be one of Satan's minions, you know where you'll end up. 
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    I imagine Judgement Day from a climate perspective will feel very hot and cold at the same time. Oceans will rise, winds will be strong, islands will go under water. From a personal perspective I imagine I'd feel very sorrowful, angry and apologetic at the same time. I've read the Book of Revelations. The world will end eventually but I don't think people will be there to see it. I imagine God will not be there too, he'll be in another planet making life.
  • @Apollo I think you make good points. I never thought about the idea of God being busy elsewhere making or sustaining life but it cannot be ruled out as a highly possible perspective. It's amazing how so many people do not believe in things like climate change and global warming. They tend to believe the Earth has always been able to heal itself and will continue to do so. They don't see humans having a significant effect on climate with how we utilize energy sources. Like you said, it's really an angry, sorrowful moment.
  • @DavidRahn I'm not sure the Apocalypse has occurred many times already and I like how you emphasize that it was an educated scholar sharing these views. Another school of thought believed by many is that Jesus Christ already returned back in the 70's. It all leaves so many questions though about what is really happening or what will really happen in future. I'm a bible believer but it's kinda all over the place so it's hard to pin down exactly which time frame we are currently in at any given time. Keep me posted though with any more informative findings you come across.
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    One major difference  for me is contingency. I am not one who depends solely on Christianity's more poller interpretations very ancient books. There are many versions of Revelation that deserve attention from us. We should not be sullied by any man's agenda. The Essenes Revelation eludes to hope. The great Beast comes forth and grabs the Woman, who in the Dead Sea Scrolls represents Earthly Mother. It speaks of constant blood shed and G-d is not so angry as he is disappointed in man and his blood thirst. He tells the Revelator, whose name  I am unsure of,  that there is always Hope. I believe this is an amazing take on this biblical book,  that might be one from an even earlier source than our King James Bible's.  I often wonder what if Revelation has been packaged and fed to us in such a way it creates fear? We can not let men with status use our Faith agains us.  The book of Enoch also has an amazing account of the last days. It resonates with what is taking place in our political systems. G-d curses  those rich and powerful rulers of the world and they are destroyed all throughout this account of Revelation. We should see things  from a perspective of discernment. Revelation is an Internationally respected and world renown Book. Who is to say that there are not people who influence mass media to declare wars? What if they seek to use The King James version bible's Revelation as a tool of fear? What if someone wants us to believe that once the ball of negativity gets rolling, that there is no stopping it? I am not persuaded by popular belief. Seek the truth always and may the true and living G-d grant us with answers. 
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