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Pope Francis and reuniting with other religion leaders

Do you think Pope Francis could discuss some aspects of everyday life with religious leaders from other paths of faith? I wonder if this could have a positive impact on people who sometimes view fellow "humans" as way too different simply because they believe in something else. Or maybe such a hypothetical reunion could have an impact so great that finally we come to the understanding of tolerating each other more. Wo do you think this reunion could be done with and would the results be positive? Please share your answers! :)


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    It would be great if the Pope would establish rapport with other religious leaders. Some people have religion so ingrained in their minds that they become fanatics, worse they become antagonistic with people of other religions. Some Catholics I know are like that, they are wary of Muslims and other Christians outside the Catholic church. What if we erase the boundaries and have harmony in the practice of our religion? Only the Pope is in the best position to do that.
  • I think the Pope wants his messages to get to people through religious leaders. He also learn from them. He mostly talks about humanity and recently he was asking all religious leaders to join him in the fight against climate change.
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    I'm no longer surprised by Pope Francis' openness and awareness of political and social events going on in the world. Along with that and the spirit of Jesus Christ with him I believe that he'll be able to unify the world's spiritual leaders and converse with them and the good that can be achieved. The dalai lama is a good leader too.
  • It would be wonderful to see Pope Francis talk with other religious leaders. I don't see anything wrong with that. I respect everyone's religion and I'm sure he does as well. It'd be interesting to see all Religious Leaders come together to form a positive union. We may not believe the same things, but we should all be able to practice freely.
  • I think it would be wonderful. He could say that it's okay to do that because that is exactly what Jesus Christ did. It's all one Lord teaching us how to live together in peace and loving one another. If Pope Francis did that he would be even more legendary that Pope John Paul II. If that example trickled down into the core of the Roman Catholic Church I strongly believe it would cause a major shift in religons across the board. let me be the first to welcome this idea.
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