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Cathechism to grade schoolers

I studied in a Catholic school operated by nuns. That's the reason why my religiosity is strong in my character. When I was in grade school, I would see some pupils from the public school trooping to the church. It was cathechism time - the church's way of spreading the faith to the children. Now, it seems that there is no more chatechism in churches and what I see are the Methodists and Mormons with their orientation to the children. What happened to the Catholic cathechism? Where are the cathechists now?


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    Don't worry they're still alive in Sunday school and private Catholic universities. The Philippines has an abundance of schools with the names of saints and the Holy family--- all of which teach Christian catechism on different levels.
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    One thing I do think protestants and baptists have right is their kid-friendly approach to children. I feel very good about their age appropriate teachings for children, and send my kids to a protestant church program. I think they are learning the basics of God, love, companionship, etc. 

    I do not know what the Catholic education is like now, but my experience many years ago was very strict and somewhat over my head. I felt their approach was very strict, black and white, and didn't really water things down for younger ones. 

    I rejected the Catholic Church for many years and studied all sorts of world religions. Some strange and illogical happenings brought me to Christ through my spirit and soul, not my intellect, and I am renewed and feel called to Catholicism specifically. But I remember my life prior to the Holy Spirit, and am very cautious how I approach teaching my children. I don't want to expose them to things they are too young to understand, that might possibly turn them away from Christianity when they gain their analytical adult minds. Maybe I am wrong to think that way, but I don't want them to have to search as long as I did. 
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