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One child policy of China

edited November 2015 in Birth Control & Right to Life Issues Posts: 129
From what I understand, the Catholic church is against any kind of birth control except the condom. China has been implementing almost all kinds of birth control that includes abortion in order to facilitate their policy on population control. One demographer said that if China did not implement population control some 20 years ago, that country would be very crowded now. India is now the densest country in terms of population and land area.

My question is this - what would happen if birth control will not be practiced, just to let people multiply according to the Bible. Is it hard to imagine that the material resources are finite so the population cannot be unlimited?


  • I think that they have dropped the policy and they are allowing couples to have two children. They have feared that there population is aging at a very fast rate than expected. I think that everybody should decide on the number of children that they should have. Why fear about the future if we believe in God? I know that God has plans for each and everyone of us. We should not interfere with His creation if we believe in him.
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    I agree with Francis, I just read the article about allowing couples to have two children about a week ago.. But it said that many people won't take an advantage of it because of the expenses connected with having more children and also because it's a "norm" now to have only one child...
    I cannot imagine the world if abortions and any other birth controls except the condom didn't exist!!!
  • Yes, China has recently upgraded the policy, and I really believe it's an upgrade. I have a good friend who honestly believes the world can take care of a population size even three times what it currently is. He believes stories pushed in media about limited resources are lies to control the masses. He thinks Australia alone can take care of our current global population. I don't see unlimited resources and I don't believe people should have unlimited children. I don't support every type of abortion and I don't support China's restricted policy that causes women to throw away unwanted babies because the gender was wrong or they have one already.

    What I do believe in is that people should learn to exercise greater responsibility in how many children they have. Too many people are just having all the fun in sex and all the children that they cannot support. I also think my good friend is absolutely wrong in his views about Earth knowing how to heal itself and take care of us. Maybe he would be a lot more credible if he didn't smoke so much pot.
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    Yeap as a previous commenter wrote they're dropping the one child policy now and opting for two as the mortality and birth rate of China is lowering and there are much more elderly than young workers. The Chinese aren't predominantly Christian anyway so any kind of birth control issued by the Vatican would not apply to them as they are Buddhists, Taoists and what not.
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    Yes, China is now opting for a 2-child policy upon seeing the ill effecfs of having one child in the family - the child has 2 sets of grandparents exclusive to him so you can expect the child to be spoiled. It's hard to imagine not to have cousins and it can lead to a lonely childhood. With the new policy however, the one-child policy still remains for the vast majority of the population and a limited  number of couples are given a permit to have 2 children. It's  not clear on how to get a permit for that.
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    Maybe it is necessary for some Countries to have such rules and regulations. In the Hindu book the  Bahgvad Gita , Krishna told General Arjun, that poverty was a result of the unwed having children. In their eyes, G-d blessed and provided for those were lawfully wed and birthed. I see nothing wrong with China or any other overpopulated country. I also think that people are too far from G-d's original laws that is why certain places on this Earth are so imbalanced like this. Birth control is an abomination, but how do we stop the man and technology from trying to play G-d? It is one huge mess. Unresolved issues such as these are probably why The Lord, Jesus Christ must burst the clouds with His Second Coming.
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    If you really are going to live according to the bible then this is not about using or not using birth controls since you would practice abstinence.

    So, in strict biblical terms, the world would be better since unwanted children would be an unknown thing . It is not about not using contraception and continue intercourse, it is about only doing it when you want to actually procreate. 
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    Well I wonder if education has something to do with this. By that I mean do the men realize there are options other than birth control - like the family planning method. Also do they realize that at the end, they can help prevent a pregnancy by not doing something. You get the drift. I know those methods aren't perfect, but they sure are better than not using them at all. 
  • Hmmm... Our local priest said that the resources aren't really finite, they're just inappropriately allocated. Like for instance, the wasting of food by restaurants and fast food chains. And then there's the richer who are getting richer and the poorer that are getting poorer. And from his side, if we can allocate those resources better, then everyone will have enough food and money.

    From my side, it's definitely up to us. If we know that our wage isn't enough to support two children, then why have children beyond that? Why not wait until you're financially stable before deciding on having children? If you're rich, then think about your priorities. Will you have enough time to have a lot of children to care for them and guide them? 
  • It does sound unnatural in a sense but again it sounds stupid and careless not to mention irrational to have more than two kids, and they have a lot more, when you don't have enough money and space for one child. If you ask me I would share all the money and wealth in the world so we could all live happily with as many children we want but dis-balance is huge and that will never happen unfortunately.
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    While there is true in the sentence that resources are not scarce but inappropriately allocated those resources are indeed finite. Usually people that predicted doomsday scenarios of overpopulation never took scientific advances into consideration, but, nevertheless, even if it comes to be a matter of simple physical space to be able to move freely having a planet that's not overpopulated sounds much better than a crowded place. 
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    Yeah, in my opinion, man cannot use up all resources of the Earth. Overpopulation to the point that it will be "Standing Room Only" is absurd. Indeed the world population is growing at a very rapid rate, but there is also this population and age growth decay, and it decays really fast. People are dying at an earlier age now. But I don't want to get into mathematics. 
    Although I agree that there is indeed overpopulation in certain areas or countries, and it's "wise" to have some kind of family planning or birth control, it must not be forced.
  • This decision has a purely demographical background. It's not linked with religion at all. However, from the religious point of view... it's not very human. It's against the freedom that was given us by God. Limited freedom, to be correct. Never forget about the 10 commandments.
  • I do not think this policy is still active. In case it is, my view is this. I do not think China should chose how many children are allowed per couple. I dont think thats fair. If a family can support another child, then why not? If they cant support another then no, they shouldnt have more. 
  • China has eased up on their one child policy in 2013. It is worth noting that the Chinese are predominantly non-Catholic and the policy is more of a government mandate to address population growth rather than a religious doctrine. I think as Catholics, we have a responsibility to ensure that we are able to support the kids we will bring to this world. The Catholic religion's stance on birth control shouldn't be interpreted as a go ahead to make babies whenever we want. 
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