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On saints and idols

When the so called Born Again Christians came to fore, their attack on the Catholic church was centered on the statues of the saints. According to them, venerating those statues which are only made by man is blasphemy and sheer idolatry. There is a rich Born Again here who celebrates his birthday by holding a party and asking the guests to bring a religious statue of symbol like the rosary. As a ritual, those religious items are burned since, according to the rich guy named Mr. Publico, that he is helping cleanse the world of idolatry.


  • Saints and idols have been around for decades. There is nothing wrong with them. It blows my mind that a Christian would think to criticize another Christ loving religion. I don't know how I feel about religious items being burned. I have a hard time thinking about that. It's such a disrespectful thing to do.

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    There is nothing wrong with idols and saints. We need them as role models in our lives but what is wrong is the idolization of these statues like gods. There is only one God. The man shouldn't have let those statues burn he should've respected what it meant to other people and religions.
  • @Apollo that is very well said. I looked up to Saints and Idols as I was growing up. As a child I thought that many of the Saints were in ways, what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to live a life like they did. I think that's a positive. :)
  • Idols are wrong because the only thing that we are supposed to worship is God. Saints, however, are not worshipped. We pray to them to help our messages to God find their way and maybe let them be more understood. Saints are a positive influence because they represent the good virtues that we should all possess.
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    The statues of saints should not be prayed to. I think what needs to be done is for all of these saints stories and writings to be publicized by the church in such a way that the world understands that these are men of G-d. That is what makes all the difference. The reason why we can speak of the men in the Bible the way we do, despite the miraculous things that they have witnessed, is there were no images ever made in their likenesses. These men slay  giants, built the holiest temples and crushed  whole civilizations. They would never allow themselves to be prayed to. All glory be to G-d in the highest. Even angels always raised men up off of their kneels and admonished them for bowing down whenever a man of G-d encountered one in all their glory. Much less the righteous. Of course most of us who are within the church understand that we can not worship anything besides G-d, but we must remember to keep The Ten Holy Commandments. It clearly states "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth." Exodus 20:4

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    saints are okay as a recognition for the work that they have done. They are their to honor the example they set and to inspire people in that direction and to remind that people still have a heart and mind for greater good. Being a saint does not mean you should be prayed to. Being a saint does not make you deity. Idols are wrong. I'm very surprised at the responses that support idols as being okay. Idols replace God in every way as an alternate source of deliverance and being saved. Idols make God an option, which can never be. I'm very much shocked.
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    In Catholic theology:

    We honor saints for their lives of heroic virtue, this is called doulia.
    We worship God alone, this is called latria.
    We especially revere God's Mother, and she alone gets the level of respect called hyperdoulia. 

    When Catholics pray to a saint, we ask the saint to remember us in their prayers and adoration before God in Heaven. Yes, we also pray to God directly. When we pray in front of an image or a statue, we only use it as a tool to focus our attention, we are not praying to an inanimate object, and we realize that the object itself has no power. 

    Remember, that many of the older churches used paintings and statues as teaching tools, in the age before Bibles were printed, and before many people could read. 

  • I haven't read a lot on this topic and until now I haven't heard of Born Again Christians. I am an Orthodox Christian and we have saints like Catholics do. Someone is pronounced a saint after his death usually and this is just what I heard from people. If his skeleton doesn't decompose he should become a saint. I am not sure about this one but I know that we should not make idols for ourself. According to ten vommandments.
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    @djordjem87, that's also what I know about Catholic saints. But it is not the skeleton, it is actually the body that does not decompose for one to be considered a saint. However, sainthood has a process and that decomposing is not part of the requirement. What is needed by the church to declare a person as blessed are miracles that can be attributed to the candidate saint.
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    I understand these Born Again views however I think a lot of the newer denominations of Christianity do not take into account history, the life and times centuries ago.  Also I think all denominations (Catholic included) may unknowingly twist things to their own interpretations. However if it is a Christ centered religion and the followers are followers of Christ, I think we should not judge others, as it will be God who decides what is right, not us.

    Statues were/are works of art that venerate all the players in the Christian religion, just as paintings and stained glass windows. Catholics do not worship statues, they just use them as a visual, just like a painting, to focus their thoughts. When they pray to a saint, the point is to ask the saint to pray for them to Jesus, since the saint has the first hand relationship with Jesus. It is just like asking a person or church group to pray for you, except they are asking the saint, not a living man. "Holy Mary, Mother of God, PRAY FOR US sinners". 
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