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What do you say to missionaries of other religions who knock on your door?

Every once in a while, about twice a month, some women or men would come knocking on our gate purportedly to spread the so called good news. When we tell them that we have no time to spare, we would hear them say that we had no time for God. Sometimes it is irritating because they act like they are saints or apostles who are out on their mission. I understand that house to house campaign of theirs is also a mission of some kind. But come to think of it, how many have they convinced who had converted to their religion? Now, we just try to ignore those missionaries because it is obvious they are just doing that for their time record, that they had spent hours in doing misisonary work regardless of the achievement.


  • I'm well aware of that comment too about 'not having enough time for God'. It's a cheap-shot way of making people  feel guilty enough to stop and hear what they have to say. I'm usually respectful and firm enough to let them know I can't talk with them right now and I don't know when I will have the time. There are moments when I will invite them in though and have a little chit chat, but nobody is going to push a religion on me like that.
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    I respectfully decline these missonaries but I empathize with their cause. Religion is a community business but your faith is always your own. It's good to be understanding of them but don't let them guilt you or let you feel bad.
  • Honestly, I usually entertain them and let them think I'm going to let them call me. I feel terrible afterwards, but I'm such a passive person. I've let people talk to me on the phone for a full hour and just gave them someone to listen. I don't mind hearing what they have to say, but at the same time it's really hard to listen to things I don't agree with.
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    @lexinonomous, you gave me a big laugh with that line that you entertain them with the impression that you are welcoming them. But isn't it a waste of time to listen to their litany when you have no intention of absorbing what they are saying? We have no patience with such missionaries not because we have our own faith but their means of spreading their religion runs counter to the modern times. Why not use social media which is prevalent and convenient?
  • I think that it is good to listen to what they have to say and maybe tell them something about what yu believe as well. Be polite and respectful towards their beliefs.
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    I think the best way to have more followers in your religion is not to force them to listen to you but have them choose to listen in their own time. Or else be there when the community needs you. Making people feel guilty about not having time for God just makes them feel bad about themselves and won't do much good in the long run. Make the people feel good about God.
  •    Well, that happened several times to me and mostly Jehovah's witnesses came by. Several times Adventists as well as Catholic priests. I am an Orthodox Christian and I was taught to be nice with people if I can. They were always offered with coffee or whatever I had then. When I didn't have time I would ask them nicely to excuse me and I never had a single awkward situation. I usually listen to them and take those little brochures they carry around. Basically it is the same religion and listening to people is a good habit anyway. I know some people never let them in. They say it is a sect but I say it is because of their low IQ.
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    @djordjem87, I admire your being polite to people of other religion. In our place, missionaries who knock on our gate are mostly shunned. I cannot imagine myself offering the Jehovah's Witnesses coffee or anything. In fact, I wouldn't have the generosity to let them inside our gate because it would be a waste of time not only for me but also for them. I'd rather they go to some houses where the occupants can be a prospect for conversion.
  •    My parents would do the same as you just explained. However, my mind was shaped mostly by myself and my parents couldn't influence much. I was a kind of a prodigy when I was a boy and I remember having made some serious decisions when I was ten. I like to hear what people have to say. Religion is not the question here. Every book, every religion, every man have something new to share with you. I remember first time I welcomed them I was very young and it was cold outside so it was then when I offered them a hot drink. I was twelve I believe and all alone at my home. My father was furious but he knew I wouldn't let them if I wasn't sure they are OK. I lived in a building so went to my first neighbour with them and said to them I will have these people for a tea. So that was my insurance.
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