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History of St. Peter's Basilica

Have you been to Vatican City? If so you've certainly seen St. Peter's Basilica. Did you know its construction was completed on this day in 1626? The original structure dated back to the 4th century and was badly in need of some TLC by the time 1506 rolled around. Donato Bramante's design was the first one chosen, but seven years later the Pope died and Bramante was removed from the project. He and his design was replaced by Giuliano da Sangallo, Fra Giocondo and Raphael. The Basilica's plan changed many, many times after that, having had some of the best known artists and architects play a part in the construction. Michelangelo, Bernini, Domenico Fontana, the list goes on. Today St. Peter's Basilica stands at just over 448 feet and remains the tallest dome in the world.


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    I haven't been to Rome yet but that is one of my dreams. The problem is the very expensive pilgrimage trip that amounts to $10,000 which is a treasure here. What I want to know is if the relics of St. Peter is really there and if it is true what I heard that the body of St. Peter is intact. From the pictures that I had seen, the basilica has its vintage grandeur, obviously a great work of art.
  • I haven't been there but my father has. He told me that it was a beautiful place built and decorated with some fine pieces of art. At the same time he did tell me that despite it being a beautiful place it made him wonder why if there have always been so many humanitarian causes to help people in need did the Vatican spent so much money on it. He considers it basically a nice touristical place where Catholics are sold many religious collectibles. Honestly I would like to visit it someday but I've always had this image of it being a bit sumptuous. 
  • I haven't been to St. Peter's Basilica but my church members have. We were told it's a marvelous place to be. Even though it cost the church a fortune, the members came with some educative materials for the congregations and we learn from them from time to time.
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