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Pope John Paul I Conspiracy

edited November 2015 in Vatican Scandals Posts: 129
The  most popular Pope in the modern times was Pope John Paul II a.k.a. Karol Woytila of Poland. But do we remember his predecessor John Paul? He was found dead on his bed after a short reign of 1 month. There are many theories about a conspiracy on why he had died (or murdered) and one reason for the conspiracy theory is the autopsy of his body that was not carried out. In other words, it seemed that the Vatican authorities (whoever they may be) had wanted to close the case immediately to prevent speculations. But that act ironically created more speculations on the death of Pope John Paul.


  • Honestly, I'm not very familiar with this Pope, but this is interesting. I can see why there might be conspiracy theories about his dead. I wonder why they didn't do an autopsy on his body. That's a bit odd. This sounds really fishy...
  • Corzhens, I've heard the conspiracy theories too. Supposedly there are some dark powers that control a great part of the decisions that are made in the Vatican City. These people, allegedly members of the Italian mafia, poisoned him because he was against their way of doing things. It doesn't sound farfetched when its vox populi that Benedict XVI also fought agaisnt these dark powers and this was one of the many reasons to look for a succesor. I can't guarantee this is the truth, but it could be a little part of it though. I would prefer the actual pope not getting involved with anyone who shows an economic interest within the vatican because his life could be in danger. Let's always pray for the best.
  • I think it's due to Vatican tradition that no autopsy is done on dead Popes. That alone smells of conspiracy or at least the support of it. I remember something about that story about Pope John Paul I and the suspicion of poison in his passing. These guys just run their own politics without questions. When you're so close to God I guess you have some extra previleges like deciding who lives and dies. Untouchable!
  • Yes I have heard of this conspiracy before but I have not gone deep into the details of it. I guess there is indeed a conspiracy about the death of this Pope but there is a shroud of Politics that only the insiders know about the truth of why he died. I will try to read some articles on this and will share to you what I can find out in my future readings because I think this topic is a good read. Thank you and more power to all of us.
  • Posts: 40
    We probably will never know for sure, but this conspiracy has permeated into the collective consciousnesses so much that it even was part of the plot of the third installment of the Godfather movie series, after all, the mafia and Vatican Bank connection seems to be the only plausible motivation for what could be a horrible crime.

    I don't believe any of that, it was just a very unfortunate death.
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