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Bible Question - lineage of Jesus

This is actually the question of  my husband. Jesus is the son of God that means he is the foster son of Joseph and since he is not the biological son of Joseph then why did the writers of the Bible enumerated the bloodline of Jesus starting from King David down the line to Joseph. That clearly shows that Joseph is the biological father of Jesus because we are talking of bloodline here. If being a foster son is scandalous at the time when the Bible was written then the writer should just have omitted that information on the false lineage of David to Jesus.


  • Ha, I never thought about this. Tell your husband that this was a nice catch. I never would have thought about the bloodline and Jesus not being Joseph's biological son. The fact that Mary was a virgin says it all as well. I'm hoping someone can respond to you and give a solid answer because now I'm interested as well.

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    This question was actually posed by my husband to the parish priest in our area. The priest gave my husband a runaround before declaring that during those ancient times, women have no place in the society so instead of indicating the lineage of the virgin Mary that is not acceptable to the general public, what the writer wrote was the bloodline of Joseph. But if that is the case then the Bible has a false information. The priest admitted that he has no answer. Maybe that's one reason why my husband wouldn't go to the church near us anymore.
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