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Where Do People Get the Idea that "Life" is Supposed to Be "Enjoyable"?

"Life is suffering." That's the First Noble Truth---yes, it's the first noble truth 'of Buddhism'; but it looks like it's true whether Buddha says so or not (no mention of 'Buddha' in that truth).

Earlier today, a friend of mine posted that "meme" that mentions how "Moses was a drunk, Jacob lied, Rahab was a prostitute (and I think a few other great misbehaviors of noted Biblical ancestors), but God still used them and thus -can use you too." And I commented that I was afraid to share that 'meme,' worried that people might take the wrong message from it (that "you've got to do bad things in order for God to use you.")

But was there anyone who did the work of God who didn't suffer and/or sin greatly?

And then I see other posts and comments by atheists & agnostics, asking questions like "What kind of God would let all these innocents die?" (referring to various plagues and/or mass-murders) Makes me want to ask, "You think the hungry orphans were enjoying life? You don't believe death is a sweet release from the struggles & worries of a life in which you can only rely on yourself (on account of your Creator either not-existing or in-an-undisclosed-location)?"


  • I believe that life has both great times where it's
    most enjoyable and difficult times where joy simply vanishes. If I understand
    you well, you are telling us that atheists believe that we as Christians (in
    the broad sense of the word) live in a perfect world where no suffering happens
    and when something bad does occur that would be irrefutable proof that God doesn't

    What I would answer to anyone who tells me that and
    also mentions that death is a "sweet release" from our struggles, would
    be that life isn't only struggles but great moments  can be lived too. If you have kids, think for
    example in that exact moment where you saw your child being born. Or how
    blessed we've been for just having the possibility to have dinner this

    Thinking about the meme your friend published earlier,
    it’s just a funny way to grasp a profound human truth: even the closest to God are
    by no means divine or perfect and that’s why we need Him.

  • Posts: 129
    It may not be in the Bible but my husband's theory of life is that we were born to enjoy the earth. God has made this earth a paradise and we don't know why the world is like this now. Even history tells of the good old days when there are places with no wars - although war is always there in some places.

    For the enjoyment in life, isn't it bad to think that God made us to suffer on earth? God created us in his image to be prisoners of problems and sacrifices? Why do we sacrifice? What's the need to sacrifice, just so everyone can leave? As some parents say to their kids, finish your food because there are children hungry in Africa. So the kid would reply that if he finishes his food, will the children in Africa not be hungry? That's a humorous line but it is true. If we don't sacrifice, people die and if we sacrifice, people die too. So what's the difference? Why should we sacrifice by being frugal when we have plenty of resources? For all we know, we were given those resources to be enjoyed.

  • The definition of enjoyable varies in respect to wether your talking about a godly or sinful lifestyle.  What is no doubt enjoyable to a drunkard or gambler can seem fake and unenjoyable to a soul touched by God.  A person touched by God doesn't need money to give him euphoria, and he doesn't need the idolatry of sex and drugs to give him it..  At least, that's normally the case.
  • I don't think it's all one or the other.  Life isn't always good, but it's not all horrible, either.  And there is the idea of spiritual joy versus material "joy" (and I use quotation marks because Jason76 in the post above made a very good point).  Life isn't perfect because we aren't perfect, but we aren't beyond redemption.  If we were, God wouldn't have given us baptism and he wouldn't have sent Jesus to die for us.  I like to think that God is letting us find our way to goodness, and He gives us His teachings to help guide us, and the guidance of the priesthood and the sacrament of confession to help us get back on track. 
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