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Will Only Roman Catholics Get Into Heaven?

I just have an out-of-the-box kind of imagination and have always wondered about all the different religions that say they are The Right Way. I just love God and Jesus without calling myself any kind of denomination. If we work with how the bible tells it, will the heaven-train only have room for Roman Catholics? Will Adventists and Mormons get a few seats? What's the deal?


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    This kind of reminds me of South Park.  remember how it was stated that only Mormons get into Heaven which was hilarious in it's own regard.  No, I think that Heaven isn't about what religion we are but the life we have led.  I also think a belief in God can be beneficial, but I like to think that God can even be understanding of those who found it hard to believe while they were on earth.  I guess I just like to see God as forgiving, understanding and benevolent to all.
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    I agree that this is an out-of-the-box idea that only Catholics will go to heaven. That is actually the slogan of Jehovah's Witnesses, that they are the only tribe that will go to heaven and augment the 144,000 there.

    When it comes to heaven, being saved, getting eternal life, I believe in the sense of fairness. That no matter what  your religion is, what's important is the way you lived your life. Religion, to me, is a guide for our day to day living. And in going to heaven, that is another matter that no one could be certain of.
  • I'm going to agree with everyone above. I don't think that Catholics are the only ones getting into heaven. I actually question the idea of heaven completely. There are so many religions in this world, that it'd be self absorbed of me to think that I was the only person that was correct. I think of God as a loving being and I don't think he would condemn people so long as they lived a good life.
  • See this is a major source of my confusion with religion. The phrase that says, "Can't we all just get along" should never be applicable among religious bodies. Regardless of the higher being served, we really could get along instead of being busy pressing our own personal religion and condemning others not part of what we believe. Even radical believers are interesting. I don't believe really told those extremists to annihilate anything. I think they just twisted Mohamed's words. It's never going to stop, but the gods must be having some major debates too on why their followers are so misdirected.
  • No. Only truly born again regenerated saved people will get into heaven. Catholicism is a false religion based on man made traditions and unbiblical doctrines.
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    I strongly believe everyone who lives a good life will go to Heaven, no matter what the person believes in. I am a Roman Catholic and believe that we will get to Heaven but I also think good Muslims and Adventists etc will go to Heaven. I am not sure about the people who kill or live a really wrong life though..
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  • Well I definitely believe that heaven is for everyone regardless of belief and religion just as we live the life that our heavenly creator want us to do and follow. I also believe that no matter what religion we belong to, we believe and follow the teachings of our one true God but perhaps we call Him in different names but regardless, we are made to be His children. It is just that we call our creator, our God but it does not follow that we are the only ones that can go to heaven and be saved. Peace and love to everyone. 
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