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Tell us about your community's spiritual leader/priest

Religion has contributed in the shaping of a child's character formation. When I was younger and brought up in the Roman Catholic faith and taught in a Christian school our parish priest often presided over the masses and in some cases over our Christian education classes. He was a good man, a bit overbearing as some parental figures can be but he taught us many great things about Jesus' teachings and the unconditional love of Mary.

How about you? Who guided you through your Christian or Catholic upbringing?


  • This is a wonderful idea for a thread. As a child I looked up to the priest in a celebrity-way. It was really odd, but I always saw him as a celebrity. It wasn't until I was older that I realized he was a man just like any other man. My priest was "Father Mike." He was a wonderful person. He helped me through my first confession and when I had no idea what to confess, I ended up talking about my father not being in my life and telling him it was my fault. He let me hug him and cry and explained to me that it wasn't my fault. It stuck with me throughout my whole life because it meant a lot to me.
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    I had been schooled in a Catholic school from grade school up to college. The Catholic teachings are ingrained in me and I can say that I have the faith. With our parish priest now, I don't really feel comfortable but I had to persevere for the sake of my faith - that I have to hear mass every week.

    Our parish priest is a talker who talks and talks that sometimes he is just repeating. It seems to many that he is just wasting time with the nonsensical talks. My husband is not attending mass anymore because of the behavior of the priest. It is sad that the Catholic church has granted autonomy to the parishes. Now the parish priest has the freedom to fulfill his idiosyncrasy which is sometimes anathema to the conduct of a parish priest.
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