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Where’s the Line between “Let It Shine” and “Do It In Secret”?

Pastor Ray Comfort has been promoting The Evidence Bible on Facebook (a regular Christian Bible with "proof" of various doctrines provided), and that promotion kind-of-inspires me to 'draw a line' between "the God who personally cares about each individual privately" and "the God who wants what's best for the current world."

First, I think we Christians should make clear to atheists ... something that's not exactly clear to Christians either, because it requires 'looking beyond ourselves to see the big picture and -because it's kind of a 'two-sided coin' (something you can't really examine one side of without 'putting the other side away for a moment'): that God doesn't care how many people get killed as long as the survivors are within his will.

And I hope we don't get sidetracked on a 'What is God's will?'-tangent, because that 'not caring whether we die' shows something about that line between 'private' and 'public.'

I think--as Jesus tells us that we are 'surely-heard by God if we pray private, secret prayers'--God loves us individually IN PRIVATE, Sure, the indirect fruits of that love (material wealth, good relationships, victory in battles & arguments) are PUBLIC; but only because we 'planted the seed' and 'kept IT HIDDEN from the world!'

So 'Give God the Glory' (not necessarily the "credit," but rather 'attribute him as the source of all the power & grace that gave you those fruits'), but keep your prayers between you-and-God PRIVATE (or else God will assume that the nearer hearers are the ones whom you were praying-to.)


  • If someone is uncomfortable with me praying in front of them, I have no issue with praying in private. I can let my religious beliefs shine through, but at the same time I'd like to make people feel comfortable. If my beliefs make someone uncomfortable, I am more than willing to do it elsewhere.
  • Wow Rabst! What a profund topic of conversation. I agree with you in many aspects. In regards to my person, I do not believe that if you worship louder or stronger it will get you in better graces with God, earn you an easier salvation, or help you acquire more blessings. If you are to worship so that the public sees you and so that yu are held in higher esteem by them, is it really worth doing? I would rather pray and worship a thousand times in private, and know that God sees I'm genuine about my praise and devotion. 
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    lexinonimous: If my beliefs make someone uncomfortable, I am more than willing to do it elsewhere.Why do I get the feeling that--if you started praying in front of me and I promptly told you to shut up--I would be the rude one?
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    The only showmanship that I do in public about my religion is the sign of the cross that I make when the vehicle I am riding on passes by a Catholic church. Other than that, no one would suspect what my religions is because for me, religion is sacred and supposed to be bandied to the public. Those women who pray the rosary while traveling in public transportation is a showoff to me. It is like seeing a Muslim doing his prayers on a carpet right in front of the mall. Can we take that?
  • Let your light so shine before men just means let people see Christ in you in how you live your everyday life. Not just works, but just how you are in private and around everyone else. The other more specifically pertains to works.
  • @harpazo22 you got it so perfect that I could just stop right here...

    But to add just a bit more...The scriptures are so simple and whether you taken Jesus from the bible or Mohamed from the Koran or Bhudda, they all taught similar lessons: Taking care of yourself and loving each other. Our everyday acts should reflect our Christlike nature. Good prayer isn't saying it loud in the streets and keeping one eye open to ensure we're hitting the right tone to get attention. Helping an old lady or blind man to cross the streets used to be good public acts. Saying 'bless you' publicly to someone was a small part of everyday for good Christians. But then the religious parts came in and stole all our fun.

    We only got left with everyone talking the same scripture and bringing that scripture to light how they see it. Whatever is left in secret is so shameful you'd never believe that was the guy who used to pray loudly in the square.
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