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Judging Myself: Do You Judge 'the Whole' by 'the First Part'?

From a disagreement today (which I won't retell), I learned that many people will (including myself). With me, it's the statements of "Christians who claim that The Holy Bible is 'the complete Word of God'"---when a Christian uses the term 'the Word of God' to describe 'The Holy Bible' (saying "the Word of God says (chapter:verse)"), I'll disregard the rest of the statement and start tearing into it with 'the Truth that the True Word of God is the actual existence of things and -that the word they're reading/claiming is actually just the inspiration of "prophets" (literally "they who speak for God").'

But doing that (whether it's true or not) totally shuts my mind to the fact that their conclusion might be good!

I see it often when I'm commenting on an argument/discussion between 'different types of believers.' For instance, I started a discussion on one 'truth of God'; and--rather than discuss any of the facts/conclusions I had written--a 'believer' just parroted a bunch of almost-irrelevant truths about 'how good God is' etc.
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