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How does Pope Francis inspire you?

By watching the news and reviewing his latest travels around the world, I am getting to know Pope Francis, somehow. I guess what struck me the most is his simplicity. He takes public transport, finds joy in taking selfies with the youth, and lives in a minimalist abode. It just shows that being in a position of authority should not keep you from staying grounded. He certainly taught me the meaning of humility. How does Pope Francis inspire you? 


  • I also appreciate the example that he is trying to set for all of us people of all races and age groups and that is the example of humility and simplicity he is showing in spite of the power and authority he currently is having and enjoying as the Pope. He most certainly showed how it is to live according to the examples of Christ as written in the scriptures and this shows us how we can also live as good citizens of the Catholic Church under the guidance and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, His son and our savior. 
  • The Pope inspires me to put what the church teaches into action. Instead of just saying, "Love your neighbor," he shows us how to love our neighbor. He puts the spoken word into action.  Many of us know what the church teaches and can repeat it chapter and verse but, how many of us actually go out on a daily basis and live those teachings fully? Do we really lay down our life for our neighbor or do we attend to our own wants and desires first leaving just the crumbs of our time to do God's Holy work? Pope Francis is calling us to action, and I choose to follow his lead and practice what Jesus taught us.
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    Unlike his predecessors, Pope Francis is exposing and criticizing Vatican issues instead of hiding them. The issue of church authorities living glamorously inside their palaces was disapproved by this very charismatic pope, who chose to live in a guest house. While most Christian authorities remain silent on the LGBT issues, Pope Francis told us not to judge our LGBT brothers and sisters and accept them as fellow followers of God. He also lives modestly unlike the previous popes. That is, he rides a Ford Focus instead of the usual Mercedes, and only wears a simple white religious garb.
  • Pope Francis inspires me by being compassionate to the poor and everyone who needs mercy. He has gone around the world spreading the teachings of Christ and uses the new technologies for the Glory of God. He tells the whole world to be merciful even to those who are considered as grave sinners. He lives with humility and gets close to people whenever he can. He is a people's Pope.
  • I also agree that he is a Pope for the people. Like John Paul, he reaches out to the sick and the poor. Jesus operated like this too when he walked among the people. Pope Francis is not just about the traditions of the Church and what the elders say, with all the wrongs going on. He's not aloof and distant as the others are, but instead he shows that the Church can have compassion and understands what people are enduring day by day. Jesus was very practical and taught us how to have a good, simple relationship with the Father. Pope Francis is just as practical.
  • Pope Francis is very humble as JRyan said. He also makes an effort to acknowledge everyone. He is very respectful of everyone he meets and treats everyone like equals. He accepts everyone for who they are and loves unconditionally. He is truly a great example of Christlike behavior.
  • Honestly, his personality alone inspires me. The fact that he spreads love instead of hatred is inspiring to me. I love that he openly tolerates Civil unions and had nothing negative to say about it. He promotes love and that is one of the most inspiring things to me.
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    Like Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis is very charismatic as what we had seen when he was in our country in January of this year. He appears to be a very kind person, a forgiving pope that inspires us to follow his footsteps in being a forgiving person. Aside, I saw in him that trait of loving people no matter who they are. I know that it is hard to love your enemies but with Pope Francis, I'm sure that would be easy for him... but perhaps not for me.
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    Pope Francis is kindness and humility incarnate you can see it in the way he dress, the way he talks and the way he moves his body-- always with thoughtfulness in mind especially for others. His laughter inspires me to live my best life in joy. His prayer inspires me to be thankful, always. His teachings is reminiscent of Jesus Christ, what more could I ask for in a spiritual leader?
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