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Archbishop Charles Chaput worried about synod on the family and church's practice on marriage

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, the American archbishop who welcomed Pope Francis to the final rally of his U.S. tour, has warned that Francis' big family summit of bishops risks doing serious harm to the Catholic faith if it endorses changes to the church's practice on marriage.  He says many bishops have "anxiety" that a change in the church's practices of ministering to divorced and civilly remarried couples could eventually lead to a change to its doctrine on marriage.  He warned: "Practice inevitably shapes belief."  Another American, Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago, hand-picked by Francis to join the synod on the family, told reporters Friday that "I don't share the anxiety."


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    I don't know why they stop focusing on the bible and try to come up with what they think. Anywhere they go wrong, God will punish them. The Bible states clearly about marriage and who are we to change it. We are supposed to pray to get guidance where we do not understand, not to use our numbers to change what the bible says. If they do not make wise decisions, millions will be misled.
  • They already aren't making wise decisions and millions are being misled. They should be more concerned about deeper issues that they're incredibly deceived on first.
  • I refuse to follow any false doctrines,
    Of this so called pope Francis, n his wolves, that are trying to make a mockery out of the True Teachings Of Jesus Christ, When He Said That If A Man Divorces His Wife, n Marries Another Woman, He Is Guilty Of Adultery, n If The Wife Divorces Her Husband n Marries Another Man, She Is Guilty Of Adultery As Well, I Will Only Follow The True Teachings Of Jesus Christ, For He Cannot Deceived, Nor Can He Be Deceived, If You Want To Follow The Truth, Follow The Word Of God, Not These False Prophet's, Who Will Lead You Into Eternal Hell Fire!!!
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    The cultural changes in Catholic countries are sweeping. Where before marriage is a requirement for getting pregnant, now that is of no value anymore. I have a niece who was proud to proclaim that she is pregnant amid the fact that she is not married to her boyfriend yet. And I had been invited to several weddings where the couple have a child (or in some cases, children) already. What is the world turning to?

    And the worst thing that happened to the sanctity of marriage is the legality of marriage between the same sex. Marrying a man and a man is sheer blasphemy like challenging the decision of God in the sex organ that He had given you.
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