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Pope Francis did NOT invite Kim Davis to meet him

Davis was invited by a Vatican ambassador previously appointed by Pope Benedict


  • These days, the press doesn't seem to care much about the truth, rather they care about promoting stories filled with half truths in an attempt to be first to the market. It seems the more outrageous a story, the more popular it becomes. The end result is that there was some sort of contact, which, regardless of what the Vatican or Pope Francis says, will be construed by many to be a sign of support. 
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    There does seem to be the (rather strange) assumption that if the Pope meets with someone, that means he supports everything they stand for. How would that even make sense? He has met with controversial politicians--like Evo Morales in Bolivia--and he has met with criminals in prison. I hope people aren't saying he agrees with murder just because he has met with murderers! 

    The Pope can meet with a wide range of people and agree or disagree on various things. EVEN IF HE DID invite Kim Davis (which apparently he didn't), he also met with a gay couple during his visit in the US, which seems to balance the scales, in a way. People shouldn't construe his meetings as statements of agreement.
  • It still says a whole lot that she went to meet and then cried about it. But I guess only those with eyes to see will realize what I'm talking about.
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    Gee, big surprise, actually it's not.  I kind of suspected from the beginning that this story wasn't actually the truth.  Getting a private audience with the Pope isn't an easy thing, and couldn't buy that he would give one to Davis.  I had a feeling it was just her trying to garner more publicity for her anit-gay stance in the press by saying that she had one.  Also, apparently she wasn't even invited to the reception but manage to get in thanks to someone's help who got in trouble for doing so.  
  • Yes I guess she was able to have an audience with the Pope because she knew someone who can get her close to the Pope in trying to advance her anti-gay stand and to gather more attention in the press as what paf_2 have said. Steven H was also right in saying that the Pope being able to meet her does not change his views on the topic overnight. She is clearly causing a scene to make her views public using the Pope's popularity clearly.
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