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Do you remember to give thanks?

Many people pray, especially in times of need, but often, those same people forget to give thanks once the crisis has passed. I used to work in a church, and would type up prayer requests and also thanks and praise. It was, and still is, a good reminder that our relationship with God is not a one-way street. I get busy sometimes, and forget to give thanks, but then I'll remember reading over the many requests as I typed, and how few praises followed, and it will prompt me to take a moment to say thank you. 

Do you remember to take the time to thank God for your blessings? 


  • That is quite sad that they only call to Him in times of great need and forget to thank Him for the good things that have happened in their lives each and everyday of their lives. Personally, I do not forget to thank Him. When I wake up in the morning, I thank Him for the new day. When I eat, I pray for the blessings and food that I will partake with my family. During travels, I pray to Him to keep me from harm and keep me safe and guide my family back home. I also pray. I also pray when I sleep that He send angels to me to guide even in my sleep. So you see, it is good to give Him thanks all the time and not only to call Him whenever we need help. God bless and more power to all of us.
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    I go to mass every Sunday but yes I do forget to pray once in a while and give thanks. I usually forget to during meal time and especially when I'm alone and starving. I think God will forgive me for that I give thanks for other things, simple tasks and daily blessings. I pray a lot for my family and friends.
  • I especially thank God when I am feeling blessed, or when I've overcome a life crisis. I feel grateful because I realize he is looking out for me even when I might not have been thinking or asking anything from him. These things bring me such great joy and relief that I just can't help myself. I close my eyes and just say "Thank you, thank you God, thank you Jesus so much."  My heart and mind automatically associate my well-being and serenity with God.
  • @Apollo It's sometimes difficult to feel thankful when we're struggling with issues such as loneliness, hunger, health concerns, or particularly when we've lost someone we love. I don't judge people who forget to give thanks, we all do at times. I just wish more would reach out and help others so there were less dealing with negative issues. I created this thread as a gentle nudge for those who have simply gotten caught up in everyday life, in an attempt to steer them toward acknowledging blessings and giving thanks :)
  • We should always be thankful to God. The bible says to pray and when we make requests, also give thanks.
  • I gave thanks to the Lord, but being a sinful man, I tend to forget sometimes that the blessing I receive everyday come from Him. I have so much to be thankful for... God knows! Though I was not able to go to church often, I do give thanks to the Lord as much as I can. To all those times that I forgot, I am asking for forgiveness now.
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    I sometimes remember to give thanks, not all times. It is advisable to give thanks for everything that God has done to us. We are also supposed to thank our friends for helping us whenever we are in need. We also expect to be thanked whenever we help our friends.
  • Yes I practice to give thanks all the time just as I am doing right now. Thanking the good Lord that I am still able to wake up and witness His creation and serve Him once again. I also thank for His love and always looking out for me in all my trying times and I am grateful for the many graces He is always giving and also for keeping all of my loved ones safe and sound everyday. I pray further for world peace that we may experience oneness under His loving and fatherly care.
  • I make sure to give the Lord thanks everyday before I go to bed. That is the right thing to do in life. The lord has done so much for us and that is the least we should give him.
  • Giving thanks is a part of my daily routine. Although I must say that there are still times when I forget to thank Him. It happens when I am undergoing tough situations. The overwhelming difficulty sometimes make me forget that challenges are also God's way of developing our character. It is so easy for me to complain when the going gets tougher. At the end of the day, I guess to question to ask is: Who do I go to for strength in overcoming these ordeals? God never turns His back on us and we should constantly thank Him for that. :)
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    I am not the type to ask God for many favors, that's why I only thank God in most of my prayers. I thank Him for all the things that He provides for me, my family, and my friends. I admit that I often forget to pray to Him and thank Him, but I'm working on that right now. Because God is our creator, we should prioritize our relationship with Him before others.
  • I'll admit, I tend to forget to give thanks. I was raised to give thanks prior to eating every meal, but I have failed miserably in this. I sometimes even think about it, but do not say anything outloud. It is definitely something I need to work on. I believe we should all be thankful for the things we have.
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    Is it appropriate to say that I always give thanks to God before I sleep? Okay, let me say it again. In my nightly prayer at bed time, I never forget to say my thanks to God for the graces I had received. And I always invoke that line when I am in the church. When something good providentially happens, I exclaim to myself how wonderful God is with his graces. Like when I couldn't find something in my drawer and it suddenly appears in another drawer, that is trivial but still that incident deserves a thank you note from me... to God.
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    I usually remember to give thanks on my way to or from school, I just recall what happened that or the last day that I didn't thank for and I use the time while I am sitting in the tram to just thank God or everything that comes into my mind! I usually don't remember to give thanks in the evening though!
  • I think that it is very admirable to be grateful to Him for providing us with all our needs daily and helping us in the challenges that we meet everyday. It is advisable then to give thanks for everything that we experience. This include our failures for these teach us to be stronger and more prepared to face each day. Thank you and God bless us all. More power to all of us too.
  • Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I get so caught up in what I need from Him that I jump right into my requests. You know how in school we were taught the PTA (Praise, Thanksgiving, Asking)? Yeah, there are times when I focus on asking and forget the other two. I'm ashamed of that, because I used to be more conscientious. I think that's the reason why sometimes I struggle to be happy -- because I'd forgotten how to be thankful. I'm so focused on what I could get from the world, what the world and God owe me, that I neglect to be grateful for what I've already received that I probably didn't even deserve.
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    I thank God everyday before I go to sleep and after I wake up. Life is precious-- life is a day to day experience that we're lucky to have lived. There may be times that I forget to give thanks but only because I'm in deep sorrow or suffering is at hand but that also makes us closer as human beings while prayer makes us closer with God.
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