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How many times do you pray in a day?

It varies from person to person I found. Some people pray on the bus, some with their families, some alone in the church with a rosary. Some like to pray in the morning and before bed. Some people pray every hour on the dot. What do you pray about? How many times do you do it in a day? Do have personal prayers or do you go by tradition?


  • Yes I agree with Apollo that this depends from person to person but for me personally, it is good to pray every time at least five times a day and to not forget to call on God all the time. We should not only call on God whenever we need help but also during the times when we need to thank him. We should pray after waking up, when we eat, when we work and before going to sleep.
  • I pray once everyday, at night before I sleep. It's during this moment that I tell God everything that's on my mind and freely talk to Him about all my worries, troubles and fears. This has been a regular practice of mine since I was a kid, and whenever I do, it always feels like I'm talking to a really good friend who'd listen and would never judge.
  • All the time. We should be praying a lot throughout the day every single day. The bible says pray without ceasing. It's how we talk to God and connect with him on a more personal level besides his word.
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    Usually once a day at least, before bed. Sometimes more depending on the situation. Often, I do so more during times of stress.
  • I normally pray 1 time a day, at night. If I leave the house the 2 times a day. There are other moments in my life in which I pray and those are when I go through times of trouble or when I experience joy and feel grateful for what he has given me. Also my prayers are in the non-traditional manner and I speak to him as Father and friend.
  • When I was growing up, I would kneel by my bed and pray as I'd been taught to do. These days, I rarely do that, although I do pray sometimes after getting into bed, especially while thinking over my day. I pray throughout the day off and on, and especially do so when I'm out in nature, because it reminds me of how wonderful God is. 
  • I do it before bed. Since, you don't have any idea of what happens next when your dreamland. That is the time when you're at your most vulnerable. That is usually the perfect time for me to confess the sins I have the done the whole day and also to thank God and ask Him my petitions. That's also a way for me to reflect the things I've done the whole day. At least if anything happens to me while I'm asleep, I'm glad that at that moment before I went to bed, I was already with His presence.
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    It is a must for me to pray atleast thrice a day. I have never missed praying in the morning and before going to bed. I do also remember to pray while travelling or while at work. It is advisable to be prayerful so that God can hear our prayers. We are not restricted on how many times we should pray per day.
  • I usually pray two times a day and other times I pray many times. It usually depends on how I am feeling during the day.
  • As for me, I usually pray four times. 

    1. As soon as I wake up in the morning
    2.and before meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

    In some cases, it can go up to 10 or more depending on the situation. Sometimes, I remember someone asking to pray for their good health and well-being and I spend some quiet time doing that. There are cases when I recall praying for the soul of a friend or relative, or just feeling thankful for an unexpected blessing given to me. I think prayer is a great way to keep an intimate relationship with our Creator. It keeps you grounded and happy at the same time. 
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    I admit that I no longer know the difference between talking to God and praying to Him. Or are there even any differences between the two? Thing is, I 'talk' to Him whenever I need Him. I ask Him to make me safe when I cross the streets, to guide me in my presentations, to be there when I'm alone, to help me fix my relationship with my girlfriend, et cetera. I must say that I talk to God at any hour of the day, and that I treat Him as a close comrade that I can always depend on.
  • Every once in a while, I will forget to pray throughout the day. Most of the time I remember and will pray the second I wake up and the moment before I go to sleep. Prayer helps me start my day off with positive thoughts and works as a wonderful way for me to relieve stress in the evening, while giving thanks for the things I have. Talking to God allows me to appreciate all of the wonderful things in my life and thank him endlessly for all of it. 
  • I'm not longer religious, so I don't pray at all anymore. I do like to sit down a few times throughout the day to remind myself of all of the good things in my life, though.

    When I was religious and attended a Catholic church, I would pray 5-6 times throughout the day, at the least. I found myself always stopping to either ask for something, pray for someone, or to just thank God for being there for me.
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    I read how apostle Paul was "Constant in Prayer" and--although good commentary on that Scripture informs us that that means 'be persistent in your cause' more than it means "pray all the time"--my mind went and applied the 'all the time'-meaning.

    Like Mother Teresa, I believe 'prayer' is more like a "conversation with God." Reminds me of the saying "Pray all the time; occasionally, use words." You see, your life is the Word of God. The choices you make are your answer to 'his voice' (whether you hear it direct or hear the echo).
  • @Knitmecrazy That is a really nice thing to do throughout the day. I have similar moments and it relieves the stress I'm feeling at the moment. I can't imagine praying 5-6 times a day. I think I would feel like a broken record.
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    I usually pray in the morning when I wake up and in the evening before going to sleep. But there are times that I pray the rosary when I have spare time in the office. Instead of playing computer games, I prefer to just pray so my mind will be cleared of all the tension in my work and my body would be free of stress. Prayer is our only hope when crisis comes so it is good to be used to praying. At least you have a direct line to heaven.
  • I pray once per day but I keep the link throughout. So usually in the mornings I take myself to my quiet spot and really connect and give thanks, even for a few minutes. Through the day, usually when things feel like they're falling apart I kinda check in to ground myself. I like the feeling of having a higher source around to make sure I'm going to be okay.
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    I don't really pray regularly. I pray whenever a prayer comes to my mind - if I want to thank for something great or beautiful or if I need to ask God for something. I try to pray every evening but I don't usually :( For me the spontaneous prayers in own words are better than those "traditional ones" where you just learned the words and say them without thinking of them.
  • I pray every time something wonderful happens, every time I feel afraid and unsure, every time I'm restless and about to sin. I pray when I'm mad, and when I'm besieged by negativity. I pray often because I'm deeply flawed and I desperately need guidance, and because this world scares the - excuse me, God - b*jesus out of me.
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    I pray as much as possible, I pray when I remember to but most of all I pray before I sleep and I pray after waking up. Prayer is about thanksgiving, it's about giving praise and also about alleviating the suffering of others through generosity of time and love.
  • I generally pray before I go to sleep and whenever I have a specific message throughout the day. I talk to God about all sorts of things, usually when I am walking somewhere around my town or in class.
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