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Abortion and Over Population

Abortion is murder, no doubt on my mind about that, but then so is over-population murder.  I wouldn't be surprised if more children die from over population than from abortion.  It is kind of damned if you do and damned if you don't kind of situation.  People seem to be more like animals than human beings, having children right and left without any consideration as to the damage they are doing to the planet.  Even now, with the population as it is, the earth will be destroyed.  But the population is on the increase, and if this insanity continues, in a hundred years the earth will look like Mars, or the moon, a lifeless world.


  • There's no such thing as overpopulation. It's a lie made up so that people will think it's okay to murder people and abort their babies. God said be fruitful and multiply, there's more than enough room on this planet for the population to keep growing. Especially when people die everyday. The real problem is greedy people in power that want poor people to stay poor while they get richer. They want the world to look lifeless. They don't care about people. That's the problem. Not overpopulation.
  • I remember what our parish priest said: "It's not a matter of overpopulation, it's a matter of unequal division of resources and wealth." Which I guess is true. But I do agree, we are also increasing in number. But the fact that some people are in the top of the pyramid, and some are at the lowest, it means that the wealth and resources are not spread properly. If we divide them equally, then no one will die from hunger. 

    But then there's also the issue of people who are the poorest who still have many children. And for that reason, that is why they are struggling to feed their entire family. I think there has to be a balance of division of wealth and education for the poor people.
  • Abortion is seen as a control to over population but is humanly and Godly wrong and is not accepted. My say is an absolute no to abortion and yes to responsible parenthood. I believe that it is good to have more children but we should see to it that we can provide for them because they will later on become the future generation and they should be guided on the right path and in the ways of Christ. Let us value life always and not be irresponsible.
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    I agree that it is more a case of uneven distribution of resources than overpopulation. children die in third world countries not because of overpopulation but because first world countries have millionaires hording more money than they could ever need in their lifetime.
  • I guess this is seen by others as a check and balance method to keep the population problem at check but I think abortion should not be seen as one because it is totally wrong both in the eye of God and also of man. There are other solutions other than it and I am sure it can help the issue.
  • "Moderation in all things", as God has said.  "There is no such thing as overpopulation."  You got to be kidding!  You know what a fool is:  A fool is a person who denies the truth when the truth is obvious.  The number one reason that we have global warming is because of overpopulation.  The number one reason that we have so much pollution is over population.  The number one reason why the oceans are be depleted of fish is overpopulation.  The depletion of resources is overpopulation.  And so it goes.  It seems like it is reaching the point that one can not take a step without stepping on someone.  

    Will the Pope please wake up!
  • This is why I strongly believe in birth control, no matter what the Catholic law on the matter is. Birth control isn't killing, and at the same time it is making sure that the world isn't being flooded with unwanted children who will have no one to love and take care of them.
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    Using birth control, is to murder, to murder is to sin. In the bible, God explicitly stated that he wanted us humans to multiply. If a woman becomes pregnant, there is no reason for her to rid the baby. It was in God's best interest for her to become pregnant. If everyone were able to have complete faith in the Lord, and keep the baby, we would not be having these discussions. Birth control is murder. There is no way around it. Many people try to deny it, or work their way around it by saying it's being used to suppress the overpopulation that is going on. God will take care of that if we start taking care of our young, not killing them.

  • Although I agree that severely concentrated wealth in a few hands is a problem, that is not why children are starving in Africa and other places. There is assistance pouring into those places in the form of money, food, medications, etc., but those funds and supplies are being siphoned off by the greedy, rather than reaching those at the bottom, who are the ones in need. Plenty of people care, and want to help, but those countries need leaders who care more about others than themselves, who want to work to build up the countries, educate the people, and get them on the right paths, so they can become self-sustaining and self-supporting. 
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    We must follow the teachings of the bible and not what we think. We must be against abortion unless the doctor confirms that it should be considered to save the life of the mother. I think that we should not fear about overpopulation since God has a plan for His planet. Who knows whether God plans to revive Mars so that we can relocate to the planet in the near future.
  • I agree with the previous posters. I do not believe in over population. I think that God has a plan for us all.
    I also do not agree with abortion. I think it is selfish to kill an innocent baby that did not have any choice in the matter. And it is ignorant to think that God would put a baby on this earth to be killed and ignorant to think we should have any choice in the matter.
    If you create a baby then do the right thing by that baby!
  • I definitely do not believe in overpopulation. That should not be an excuse to have an abortion. 
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