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VP on Pope Francis and the Catholic Faith

I watched this recent interview with Vice President Biden and I think he had some interesting things to say about Pope Francis and his own view of faith and how it relates to politics. What do you guys think?

Here is a shorter version with highlights (for those with less time): 


  • Thanks for letting us view the clip with the Vice President of the United States and how he views the Pope and his views on Catholicism and even having the Pope in the joint Congress Session of the United States. It is good to know that the Pope is touching a lot of lives and this is one way of getting the attention of a lot more people about God's teachings and living and becoming what he is trying to convey in his messages through his actions.
  • I don't think politicians really care. They do what most of the American people are going for to win brownie points.
  • Politics should also listen to the church and hear their advice this is so that they will be guided on the right decisions and will come to think clearly as they try to help the masses and the voting public. They should also remember that most of their constituents are Christians and would therefore serve the purpose of the government and the church.
  • I don't agree with Biden politically, but I do think he sincerely believes what he says with regard to politics, unlike some others. I listened to the short version, since I'm in a time crunch. I didn't hear anything unexpected, since he and Pope Francis seem to have similar beliefs on many issues. I am glad to have politicians who believe in God, but I would prefer the Pope and the Church (any church) work through the individual people and the congregations, rather than through governments. People vote, and can vote their beliefs and consciences. I believe in the separation of church and state (here in the U.S.), rather than freedom from religion. Many thought JFK would vote and govern entirely in line with the Catholic Church, because he was Catholic, and were afraid that the Pope and the Vatican would rule the U.S., but that wasn't the case, and it still shouldn't be the case, with any religion. 
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