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Will Pope Francis Inspire People To Treat Others More Humanely?

It seems that many admire Pope Francis, and he is known for reaching out, particularly to those in need. Do you think his acts of kindness and charity will inspire others to do likewise? 


  • Definitely his teachings and actions will inspire those people to do likewise because he does not only preach with words, he also does it with action. This puts the saying, "Leading through example" its true and rightful meaning. With it I believe, he can make positive changes in the Catholic Church and the whole society as well.
  • Setting the example and leading the way in becoming Christ like will be the main responsibility of the Pope and he will be able to do this with his kind - hearted approach to people and in helping the poor and the needy people all over the world. For sure, he will inspire others to also do the same through his charm and charisma with people which are good traits of a good Pope and a good leader at that and by so doing a good influencing factor to all Christians all around the world. 
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    I do. I think that he is a great role model. Just in his visit to the United States, he has inspired literally millions just be his presence.
  • I hope so! I know that he did influence me and most people I know to be good. He is one of the few people that we look up to and really know that he has nothing but good in his heart. I guess just by that, he is able to influence me (and other people). He has this aura that also makes you want to do good and be good. 
  • He's definitely converted more Catholics to be his followers. Kindness and compassion is contagious, have you seen Pope Francis' smiling and laughing face? He seems to be really in touch with a lot of people and his words have always been about peace and the environment. He's doing good.
  • If anything he is teaching people to navigate toward the new world order antichrist system that's coming very soon. He's giving people a false sense of security.
  • I think the Pope is definitely opening up people's eyes. There as so many young people who were previously turned away from our faith, and our newest Pope is giving them access to it and bringing them in. He's opening up their eyes to the lord, and I see that as a wonderful thing! 
  • This seems to be a time of troubles, when so many are in need. The Catholic church does a lot to help people, but I think it could do more. I'm hoping that Pope Francis (whether people agree with everything he says and does or not, and whether or not they are Catholic) will inspire more helping and giving, more people and organizations reaching out and doing for others. 
  • I think Pope Francis is revolutionizing the Catholic Church. He is showing by action and not words how a true Christian should act. He is also teaching us how sometimes it only takes a simple gesture to not only change someone else's life but also get us closer to God, and to love unconditionally. Christians, and non-Christians admire him, and who do you try to emulate? Who you admire. Pope Francis is one of the best things that has happened to the Catholic Church and the World in a very long time.
  • Of course he will. Isn't that the gist of what he is trying to accomplish? So men could be closer to God and care for each other? Isn't that what the Gospels say... The Word of God. Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II, operated in the same way. Going around the world and preaching the Good News to all. Especially now, when almost everybody can be reached by the Internet and Social Media, the Pope's message of hope and charity will be heard by much more people.
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    He has tried a lot in uniting world. He has preached peace and encouraged people to live in harmony. I know that he can change how we live and encourage many to avoid was. He has talked about human rights and asked the world to practice it.
  • I think so. He is an influential person and a lot of people are also trying to emulate his good qualities. Being a Christian, I personally look up to the pope and listen carefully to his teachings. I also do my best to integrate these teachings into my daily life. I guess the best part is knowing that I am imperfect but still capable of doing good things just like the pope. 
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    Pope Francis walks the talk. He knows that before he can persuade people to change for the better, he himself must change for the better. Pope Francis, as MichelleLV said, is revolutionizing the Catholic Church. He is more active in reaching out to people and more outspoken about the scandals surrounding the Catholic Church. I am certain that his acts of kindness and charity will further inspire people to live in harmony with each other.
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    When Pope Francis came to the Philippines in January of this year, his charisma was very evident in the reception given to him by the ordinary people. Unlike when there was a dignitary visiting, say a president of another country, the government would organize a welcoming party with school children lining the side of the avenue. With the Pope's visit, there was none like that. The reaction of people is spontaneous, natural, voluntary. So I guess Pope Francis has a big influence on the Catholics here and what he says has an effect on the behavior of the people.
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