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The Pope versus Jesus

The Pope is greatly loved, you can see that on television, but the Bible tells us that when Jesus comes the tribes of the Earth will mourn his coming.  The people of the Earth love the Pope, but hate Jesus.  Is there something wrong with this picture?   But who is it that believes the Bible?

The Pope speaks of the environment, it must be saved he says.  But the greatest threat to the environment is over population, and the Pope encourages overpopulation.  Can anyone explain this?

Can we bring all the impoverished people in the world to America?   Why are certain countries poor?   Is it not the people of a country that make it poor?   Some people build great civilizations, some people tare them down.  If the people who destroy civilizations are allowed to come to America, will they not also destroy America?   Know what a fool is?   A fool is a person who denies the truth when the truth is obvious. 


  • It's because the pope is not saved. He loves the praises of men more than the truth about God. He doesn't preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus said woe to you when people speak well of you. He's so loved because he doesn't convict anyone of their sin and need for a Savior. He's a great deceiver. His religion is false. Catholics stick to man made doctrines and not the bible! There's nothing in the bible about priests, or confessing to a sinful man, nothing about sacraments or praying and bowing to dead false idols, etc. He speaks nothing of how to get saved, why we need to be saved, or anything like that. If he was truly saved he wouldn't be able to stand all the worship and adoration he's been receiving. I'm glad you brought this post up because it's very important and the reason why I say what I do is because I'm saved and Jesus has shown me the truth. I need to speak boldly so maybe people will wake up and turn to Christ for true salvation before it's too late.
  • Well that's your opinion guys and we are entitled to ours. For me however, I do not think that the Pope is against the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is only that he is misunderstood sometimes. I guess he just have his ways of teaching and preaching the laws and the teachings of the church. The styles may be very different but as long as they point out to how the world can be saved and follow God, then I have nothing against the Pope.
  • Jesus said do not give that which is holy unto the dogs, the Pope does, Jesus said cast not your pearls before swine, the Pope does, God said cast out the heathen before ye, the Pope embraces them, the Pope does not do one single thing God said to do, but follows Satan's desires right down the road.  And the Catholic Church is not the first Christian Church as they claim, Jesus and his disciples were the first Christian Church, and they were first called Christians at Antioch, and in fact, the Catholic Church is not even Christian!
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    I think many people look at the Pope as Jesus. I believe that a vast majority of people do not know enough about the God's word and Jesus Christ; this causes many people to look at the Pope as a God. The Pope is not a god, for he is a religious leader. I fear that the Pope himself does not truly understand the bible to the extent of which he should. The Pope may give the intention across the world that "God is good" or "Jesus saves", but the important thing that people need to understand is the answers to the questions that are going on in the world today. Abortion issues for example, if the Pope would teach the public about what the Bible says about abortion, things may be different any people's views may change. For now, the Pope seems to involved in his own status.
  • Jesus himself said at one time, a doctor does not come to cure the well, he cures the sick. He comes to the world not for the righteous, but for the sinners. Jesus, went to the tax collectors, roman centaurions, prostitutes and other sinful folk. He forgave them and spread his word of forgiveness and love. The very things Pope Francis does now. He uses Facebook and Twitter, so what? Those are just tools in spreading the good word. I love and obey Jesus, but I also love Pope Francis.
  • Not everyone likes the Pope and Jesus has been accepted as a Prophet by many religions and denominations. This question is really a matter of perspective, it's a matter of who you ask. But I suppose it's easier to hate on someone who's already passed for the longest time because by now some people think he's a myth but that's not always the case. Just remember to live and love, don't spread around a message of hate that's what's most important.
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