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Too much admiration

There is too much admiration around the pope. He's treated like some king, but he's not. People need to remember he's just a man.


  • Yes the Pope will always be a man and not a king but definitely he is a leader and should be very responsible in leading to become good Christians and setting the example to be Christ Like by applying the teachings of Christ and always being kind and humble to all. Yes, I do admire the Pope and I am really hoping that he delivers on what he is aiming for the modern Church and its people even during these testing and sometimes, troubled times.
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    I disagree, I don't think king is the right term. He is treated with respect and admiration for a reason. He may just be a man, but he is a very important man.
  • I think he is admired because he is such a breath of fresh air. His beliefs are different from those who preceded him. And he is rather rebellious in his words which is a new thing for a pope. I think more than just being treated like a king, he is rather treated with utmost respect. For which I agree to, he is one of the popes that people are able to relate to. I know he's just a man, but somehow sometimes, I also tend to forget that. 
  • Admiration I think is earned and I think the Pope deserves the love and admiration he so deserves because of the kindness and humility that he is willing to share each and every one of us in the Catholic community. He is not a king and merely a human being but he definitely deserves all our respect and love.
  • While I do agree that people should treat him more like a human being, rather than an unreachable "king"--or something close to God, even--I think that all the respect and admiration the Pope has been receiving is warranted. He's a good man, and since his election as the Pope, he's shown how empathetic and kind and understanding he is to the plight of everyone he's encountered. He really has that certain charisma that deserves all the respect he's been getting not only from Catholics, but from all people of all religions as well.
  • I fully understand that Pope Francis is a man, but it is not his position that has earned my admiration. My admiration towards him stems from his actions and words. He is not a person that simply speaks. He is a person that acts upon those words and leads by example how we should all be carrying ourselves in life, whether we are religious or not.

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    I think that admiring someone who has good qualities is just normal. I mean, a
    lot of us admire celebrities for their looks and their talent so why should we
    not have a high regard for a person who exemplifies kindness and righteousness?
    Pope Francis sets a good example to us all and I think that we should not only
    admire him but emulate him as well. 
  • Admiration is fine and is encouraged especially if it results to positive things. If the object of the admiration is a righteous and upright man, it is never bad. It is admiration, not worship. Wordship is a little too excessive, only the Lord God is worthy of worship. We recognize Pope Francis' contributions to society. His being simple, his kindness, his tolerance, these are qualities everybody should possess.
  • I think it's important to place the admiration for the Pope in the context for society at large. Many people seem to worship the Kardashians and other celebrities, sports stars, athletes, and others in that realm. If someone is going to worship a person, I do think it's better to admire a religious person than someone who's simply famous for his/her looks or talents, but I agree, God is the one who should get all of the glory. 
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    The Pope is a man of great authority, and he is effectively using his influence to make the world a better place. He is not just a man, he is a very great man worthy of all the admiration that he gets. Pope Francis is very different from his predecessors not only because he lives modestly, but because he walks the talk. He doesn't simply preach and tell people what to do; he sets himself as an example of how we, as followers of Christ, should lead our lives.
  • I could not agree with you more. As much as I love the Pope and everything he stands for, we need to remember that at the end of the day he was brought into this world like each and every one of us. He is only human and can only do so much for this world. 
  • Agree. The pope has this gentle aura that makes him really likable. I myself find his character admirable. While we can't stop people from treating him like a king, I find comfort in knowing that he doesn't let it get to his head.  
  • Splinter is right, the Pope has a wonderful personality. He is very gentle in nature, but people are not going to stop worshiping him. There are tons of people in this world that see him as God-like. I am also really happy that this hasn't gotten to his head. 
  • The pope, like Jesus, never asked for all this admiration and greatness. He's just being nice, that's all. Plus, so many people don't like him just because he isn't stuck up like traditional popes and Catholics on a whole. Pope Francis even has appeal with non-Catholics because, like Jesus, he's a man of the people and not just church elders (Pharisees and Sadducees) who interpreted scripture as they pleased for their own benefit. This Pope is amn of God and for the people.
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    He's a spiritual leader for billion plus strong following it can't be helped that he's admired the way he is. We make cultures of personality around certain politicians and celebrities in different countries and you're surprised that the Pope is admired the way he is? Welcome to the real world where 1% of the population isn't in their right mental state. The Pope is only human that's correct but he's also a symbol of the Catholic religion. He's our light and our leader. He is important and he will always be talked about.
  • Apollo makes a great point. As a spiritual leader, it's no wonder he has so many admirers surrounding him. I think his personality is what sets him greatly apart from others. He is such an easily lovable person that it's easier to get wrapped up in viewing him as a celebrity. 
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    The Pope is the most powerful man in the world in terms of constituency. He is the head of the largest religion that existed way ahead of the other popular religions now. Like a matinee idol, the Pope, which is Pope Franics in particular, have lots of admirers simply because he has the charisma unlike the other religious leaders who look strictly religious and has no positive aura at all. For a Catholic like, the extreme admiration for Pope Francis is good because the pope will not use his popularity for self gain.
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